How to Use Quick Parts in Outlook 2010

Quick Parts is an amazing feature in Outlook which allows users to have access to text blocks and use them whenever required. These reusable pieces of content or other email parts are usually stored in galleries. They can be distributed with templates and can also be used by other people. To know how to use Quick Parts in Outlook 2010, follow the information provided below.

Steps to Add Quick Parts in Outlook 2010

1.) On your computer, open Microsoft Outlook 2010.

2.) Next, click on the New E-mail option located on the top-left corner of the window. Enter the recipient name, subject, and desired message (for example, greeting message) in the text field.

3.) Then, select the complete message added by you in the text field and click on the Insert tab located next to Message tab on the ribbon in the top-left corner of the window.

4.) Under the Insert tab, click on the Quick Parts button located on the top-right section. You will find a couple of options such as “Auto Text” and “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery”.

5.) To add Quick Parts, you will need to select “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery” option. This will open the “Create New Building Block” box on your screen.

6.) In the box, simply enter the name (for example, Greeting) for the text and then click on OK button. The text block will be saved in your Outlook 2010. The title of the building block can be located under Quick Parts option.

Steps to Use Quick Parts in Outlook 2010

Next time when you wish to use the saved Quick Parts in your Outlook 2010 program, follow these steps:

1.) Compose a new email and add the recipient’s name, subject, CC etc. in the appropriate fields.

2.) Now, if you wish to make use of the saved “Greeting” Quick Parts in your message, simply click on the Quick Parts under Insert tab and select “Greeting” titled text block.

3.) The content in the “Greeting” building block will be added to the message field.

Steps to Modify Quick Parts in Outlook 2010

If you ever wish to modify the saved “Greeting” Quick Parts added by you, you can do so by following these steps:

1.) Click on the “New E-mail” option located on the upper-left corner on the ribbon.

2.) Next, call the saved “Greeting” building block in the message as instructed above.

3.) Make the desired changes in it and then click on the “Quick Parts” option. Click on the “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery” option.

4.) Then, change the name in the “Create New Building Block” box that appears on your screen.

NOTE: If you will use the same title (Greeting) as used earlier, the text will be saved with that name.

5.) Once you are done making changes, click on the OK button. If you would have used the same title for saving the text block, you will be prompted to redefine the building block entry. In such case, simply click on the Yes button in the prompted box. The Quick Parts will be modified.

Steps to Delete Quick Parts in Outlook 2010

1.) Click on the “New E-mail” button and go to Insert tab.

2.) Click on the Quick Parts button to get the list of the every text block created by you.

3.) Next, select the title of the particular text block and right click on it.

4.) From the menu that appears on your screen, click on the “Organize and Delete” option. This will open the “Building Blocks Organizer” window on your screen.

5.) In the window, you will see the list of text block created by you. You will need to select the text block you wish to delete from the list.

6.) After selecting the desired text block, click on the Delete button located on the bottom of the screen.

7.) A confirmation box will appear on your screen prompting you to confirm your action with a message “Are you sure you want to delete the selected building block”. Simply click on the YES button to delete it from the list permanently.

So, these are the ways to add, use, modify, and delete Quick Parts in Outlook 2010. If you need further assistance, you can reach our toll free number , email, or live chat support option. All our communication lines are available 24 by 7.

Set-Up Outlook Email App in Android

Mostly people use outlook on desktop only, you can use this on your android phone, as you need configuration you outlook account on desktop, and same as you can do on your mobile phone.

Steps How to do set-up Outlook email app in android:

This is the automatic set-up using simple steps-

1. Download Outlook android app from the Google Play Store. If you already have then open it.
2. Tap on Get Started if you are new, otherwise open the menu and tap on setting, click on add account, you will found two options add an email account and add a storage account, choose the first one add an email account.
3. Enter your full email address and continue.
Note: “if you asked to choose your provider, then you will have to set-up exchange manually or set-up an IMAP or POP account.”
4. Enter your email-id and password, and sign-in.
5. Enter your 6 digit verification code which you received on your registered mobile phone, if 2-step verification enabled in your account.
6. Your IT admin has additional policies, tap on Activate. It also request permission to access your calendar, contact, phone media/documents, etc. tap on yes and allow.

This is the manually set-up:

1. In your Outlook app, go to Setting>Add Account>Add Email Account.
2. Enter your email address. Click on Continue.
3. Choose your account type, for manually you need to tap on exchange icon.
4. Enter your server details, make sure toggle Advance Setting is turn on.

For incoming server setting-

 Enter your Domain/Username.
 Enter your password.
 Ask your IT admin for your server setting for Exchange account.
 Port number should be 443 or 993.
 Security type SSL/TLS. Use secure connection (SSL). Tap on NEXT

For Outgoing SMTP Server setting-

 Ask your IT admin for SMTP server setting for Exchange Account.
 Choose Security type TLS.
 For this enter your port no 587. Tap on Next.

You may be getting prompted to enter your email account and password again, or allow to necessary permission.

Set-up for IMAP and POP account:

1. In Outlook android app, go to Setting>Add Account>Add Email Account.
2. Enter your email-id, click on continue. Select the email provider IMAP.
3. Advance setting should be on. Enter your password and server setting provide by your IT admin.
4. Tap on checkmark, and finish the set-up.

This article may help you to set-up your Outlook account manually and automatically in your android phone.

How to Recover Deleted or Missing Emails in Outlook Account


When an Outlook email account user finds it that some of the emails are missing from inbox or when you don’t find emails in your Inbox and Junk folder too; this is the time to think over it to recover deleted or missing emails. This is a common issue when you are unable to find some emails in your email account which has been delivered to you and not in your Junk folder too.  You might be afraid, yet there is some alternative available to fix this issue.

How to find that your emails are missing in Outlook email account

  • When all or many of the emails that were in your Inbox folder are missing
  • In case, when new emails don’t arrive in your Inbox in Outlook

We have this quick guide for Outlook users who find it difficult to locate their missed and deleted emails. This is a two-step method; you need to follow the steps carefully and get the issue fixed immediately.

How to Recover Deleted or Missing Emails from your Outlook Account

Step 1 – Create a new Outlook profile

  • First, exit from your Outlook profile
  • Go to the Control Panel, and open the Mail item
  • Now, you need to click on Show Profiles
  • Here, click on Add button
  • Now, you need to type a name for the profile, and then click on OK button
  • After that, follow the steps in the Add Account wizard to add your email account with it
  • Once you are finished, and now click on Finish button
  • Here, you need to make sure that Always use this profile option is selected, and then select your new profile name from the displayed list
  • Final step is to click on OK button

Step 2 – Recover email messages by using Recover Deleted Items

  • Again from the Outlook, choose the folder to which you want to recover deleted items from your email account
  • In case, you want to recover the email messages to your own Inbox, then select the Inbox folder from the given option
  • Here, on the Ribbon button, you need to click the Folder tab, and then click on Recover Deleted Items option
  • That’s all, your deleted emails will be recovered

Once you are done with the recovery of your missing emails; then you can go for a test mail on your account and get the confirmation with it. If the problem still persists dial MS Outlook customer service support phone number for quick recovery.

Unable to Attach file in Outlook Email?

outlook file attachment error

Can’t attach a file in email? Here is a help. Are you following the proper steps to attach the file? At first let’s make sure that you are following the correct process. Cross check from the instructions given below:

Attach a file to Outlook in Windows

  • Click the ‘New’ option in your mailbox to compose a new email. Click on ‘Reply’ if you want to reply to a message.
  • Select ‘Attach file’ in the ‘include’ option of ‘Message’ ribbon.
  • Select the file from its location on the computer and click ‘Insert.’


Toll Free 1-888-341-4774 (US/Canada)
  • You can simply drag the file on the message body for making quick attachment.

If you are following the above process correctly, let’s have a look on the possible reasons why you can’t attach a file in Outlook email with their respective solutions.

Outlook considers attachment file as Suspicious

Outlook considers some file extensions as malware and therefore restricts them as an attachment to save users’ systems. For this follow the steps:

  • Go to and sign up for your account.
  • Click on the gear icon (locate it at the top right corner of your inbox.)
  • Select ‘More mail settings’ from the drop-down.
  • Under ‘Writing emails’ option, click ‘Attachments.’
  • Select the radio button (small circle) in front of ‘Always send files as attachments.’
  • Click ‘Save.’

Try to attach the file after making changes. It will resolve your problem. You can also convert the file to Outlook compatible extension.

Another reason why attachments are considered suspicious is the content inside it. Yes, Outlook (actually all emailing service) scans the content of the attached document for spam. If your file contains any spam link or image, remove it and then try again.

File size exceeds Outlook Limit

The default Outlook limit for attachment files is 20MB. So, it is clear that any file exceeding this limit will not be accepted as an attachment. Consider dividing the file content to make smaller size files.

Selection Window goes to Background

The file selection window moves to the background and the user keep on waiting for it. When one window is open in the background, you will not see anything no matter how many times you hit that ‘Attach file’ button. So, minimize all the tabs to find the selection window.

Still can’t attach files? Talk to experts at Outlook customer service for quick solutions. The number is toll-free and accessible all the times.

How To Use Folder in MS Outlook 2013

It can be difficult at times to find that important mail from your full inbox. Organizing your inbox with the help of folders is a good option so that you never end up in such a situation. MS Outlook offers different tools to manage emails viz. folders, categories and rules. Here we will discuss the first one in details. Keep on reading to learn how to use folders in MS Outlook 2013.

Creating a New Folder In MS Outlook 2013

  • Right click on your account name or on the folder under which you want to create a new folder; options will appear; select “New Folder” from them.
  • Now a box will appear to name your new folder; type in the name and “Enter.” It is recommended to use a self-explanatory name so that mails can be found easily.
  • You have successfully created a new folder in your Outlook account.

right click to create folder in ms outlook

If you are using Outlook online; follow these steps in the Outlook Web App.

  • Move the cursor over “Folders”, click on the + icon next to it. A box will appear, type the desired name and press “Enter.”

 Using a New Folder

Now that you have created a new folder, you need to learn how you can use it or how you can move emails to different folders. Let’s have a look:

The simplest way it to drag and drop the email in the folder you want. You can also go with this alternate method:

  • Click on the message you want to move.
  • Now go to the Home tab, click on “Move.” You can also use the short cut CTRL+SHIFT+V or right click.
  • Now select the folder where you want to move the message. If you can’t find the folder; click the Other Folder option and use it to move mails.

If you are among those users who love the search option and remember the keywords of almost every mail; here are some tips (other than creating folders) to keep your inbox much organized.

  • Delete the messages which you don’t require any more. If some messages are old but important; you can use “Archive” feature to move them out of inbox.
  • Create sorting rules for emails to organize inbox.
  • Report junk mails quickly.
  • Unsubscribe newsletter and notifications which are not important.

If you still have problem in using folders in MS Outlook 2013, contact our Outlook Customer Service for solutions.