How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 475

Yahoo mail Error Code 475

Yahoo Mail Error code 475

Suspicious activity detected!

Account temporarily blocked from sending messages!

These are the common error prompts when your account experiences Yahoo mail error code 475 on it. This is not so common, but to keep your own account safe and interest of other account holders. This error occurs when Yahoo finds some unusual activities on their account. In anticipation of Yahoo user’s security; the Yahoo server will block the use of your account for a few hours. This is to prevent your account and to send some more emails from it, in case someone hacked your account.

What happens when you get the error code 475

  • When Yahoo blocks the mail account in doubt of some suspicious activity with the account
  • When the user is not able to sign in to his/her account
  • The user account is blocked to send or receive any emails 

Why you get the error code 475

  • When you are sending a lot of emails in a short time
  • When sending duplicate info in your email repeatedly
  • In case, sending 1 or more emails to a large number of recipients
  • If you are experiencing stuck message in the Outbox of the Yahoo Mail app

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 475

  • When you send a number of emails in a very small span of time or just a single mail to a number of contacts in a single run; so Yahoo can block account temporarily for a few hours. This act considers as spamming or hacking attempts on your account. In order to send a large number of emails, you should use Yahoo Groups as a preventive measure and avoid this error 475 with your Yahoo account.
  • If you find this issue, simply signing off from your Yahoo mail account and then again sign in after a while and if possible, you can change the browser
  • You need to wait for a few hours, you can try sending an email again but without hyperlinks or attachments to only one recipient as a test mail
  • This could be possible that somebody else tries to sign in to your Yahoo account without you authorize permission or you have forgotten your sign-in details and are trying to sign in to your own account. So, after a certain number of failed attempts, Yahoo blocks your account temporarily. You can unblock it by using the help of Yahoo Sign-In Helper or you are asked to enter the captcha code; use it and get the error

The error code 475 is a sign that either there is some suspicious activity on your account or someone got access to it without your knowledge. When it gets blocked, you don’t need to worry; just take help from Yahoo Sign-In Helper or wait for a while to get into your account once again. If the issue is still not resolved you can dial toll-free helpline number of Yahoo customer service support team for resolution.

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