How to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely

You may feel quite troublesome realizing that you forgot to sign out of your Gmail account from your friend’s computer after returning. Though you always have the option to ask your friend to do that for you, however, if you fear that he or someone else in his home may check your Gmail account, you would want to sign out from your account asap.

If you are thinking of rushing to his home to do so, well, there is a better option than that. Google offers its users an option to sign out from their Gmail account remotely whenever and from wherever they want. So, instead of running back to your friend’s house, follow these instructions to sign out of your Gmail account.


Steps to Sign Out of Gmail Remotely


1.) On your desktop computer, sign in to your Gmail account and go to the Inbox folder.

2.) In your Inbox folder, scroll down to the bottom of your inbox folder; you will see the “Last account activity” option appearing on the bottom right-hand side.

3.) Here, you will need to click on the Details option. This will open an “Activity on this account” page over your screen.

4.) On this page, you will see information about the last activity on your Gmail account and any ongoing activities.

5.) Now to log out of your Gmail account remotely, click on the Sign out all other web sessions button on this page. You will be logged out of your Gmail account from all the web sessions.

So, this is how you can easily sign out of Gmail remotely and keep your account safe from unauthorized access. This feature is very useful, especially when your mobile device gets lost or stolen.

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