How to Fix Spam Filter Issue in Yahoo Mail

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SPAM emails are the most annoying email issues. It is impossible to deal with thousands of irrelevant emails coming to your inbox calmly. Especially if you receive them on a daily basis and it becomes a task to find work-related emails from the heap of junk emails.

Yahoo! Mail offers spam filters to reduce this issue. These filters directly send suspicious emails to the spam folder. However, sometimes these filters become problematic and don’t work as designed. This means spam emails are not transferred to the spam folder or important emails are sent to the spam folder. This creates difficulty for users as their inbox is filled with spam emails.

Yahoo support services provide some guidelines to ensure that filters work properly and emails are sent to the correct folders. So, try these solutions if you can’t find your emails in the correct folders:

How to Fix Yahoo Spam Filter Issue:

  1. Every email goes through the spam filter before moving to the next filter. So, if you can’t find your emails in your inbox or any other folder, check the spam folder.
  2. Check if you have created an empty filter (filter without rules.) In case this filter is at the top of all other filters, other filters’ rules will become void, and emails will be sent to the inbox.
  3. Create multiple filters sensibly. A filter uses all rules defined to separate emails, if any of the rules are not matched, the filter will not apply. So, if you want a filter to satisfy any of the two rules, create two separate filters.
  4. Another reason for a spam filter not working might be conflicting rules. Avoid using positive and negative phrases together in a filter.

Add Spam Filter to Emails In Yahoo Mail

  • In your Yahoo mailbox, right-click on the suspicious email.
  • Now, click on “Filter emails like this” to open the Add Filter window.
  • yahoo filter
  • Give a name to the filter, set rules.
  • Find “move the message to” option and select “Trash” from the drop-down. Click “Save.”
  • yahoo mail filter

Working with the above suggestions will help in resolving the spam filter issue. If not, you can search online for Yahoo Customer Care technical support and talk to experts about your issue.

Apart from the official Yahoo support service; there are various third-party service providers who offer effective and quick solutions for technical issues. Contact Email Support is one of such independent email support providers offering 24 hours services on all 7 days of the week.

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