How To Share File In Skype Account

unable to share file in skype

In today’s business world, where Skype plays a crucial role as a means of communication for in-house, with clients and customers, any technical issue with your Skype account can be quite troublesome. In companies, file sharing through Skype is a very common activity, and facing trouble in that can be very frustrating. If you are also having an issue sharing files through Skype, you can get a solution for it right here. Through this post, you will be guided as to how you can troubleshoot the file-sharing issue in your Skype Account within a few steps. So, let’s begin:

Steps to Troubleshoot File Sharing Issue in Skype Account

1. Install any pending Windows update and restart your PC.

2. Make sure you and the person with whom you are sharing files have the latest version of Skype installed.

3. Scan your system for any malicious software.

4. If the problem still persists, quit your Skype or kill it by opening Windows Task Manager and locating exe.

5. Now, go to the “Start” option, and in the Search/Run box type %appdata%. Press enter, a new window will open.

6. Locate the Skype folder in the window. Right-click on it and select the “Rename” option.

7. Name it something Skype_backup or Skype_old.

8. Now, again go to Windows Start and in the Start/Run box type %temp%\skype and hit Enter.

9. You will find a DbTemp folder, simply delete it.

10. Now restart Skype and try sharing the file.

11. If required, you can get your call and chat history back through the renamed folder Skype_backup or Skype_old.

While this method should enable you to share files, in case you still face issues doing so, you can ask Skype customer support to help you with the issue. Sometimes, the problem can be at their end also, so asking them for their assistance can be very helpful. Apart from Skype support, you can also contact us for any Skype-related issue. We house a team of experienced professionals who very well comprehend every “if and but” of Skype and can help bring the best possible solution for all your problem. Our services can be availed anytime as we are open 24/7.

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