How to Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x8de00005?

windows live mail 0x8de00005 error id

When accessing or using your Windows Live Mail, if you ever see Error ID 0x8DE00005 on your screen, it means that your Windows Live Mail is unable to connect to the Hotmail/Outlook or MSN servers to access your mail. This issue is generally seen when the users have configured their WLM to connect and synchronize mail over the Secure HTTPS link (delta sync).

This has been the reason responsible for the issue in most of the cases. Moreover, WLM stops functioning when there is an update on the servers, or when the servers are overloaded. If you are also seeing Error 0x8de00005 on your computer when using Windows Live Mail, you can go through the information provided below.

Guide to Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x8de00005

When seeing the Windows Live Mail error 0x8de00005 on your computer screen, you can try clearing the error by following these steps:

  1. Deactivating the Old Account

As you are not able to access your account, the new email will not be downloaded into your account. Also, your account will not be able to carry out any synchronization of the other folders. In such a case, it is suggested to consider deactivating your account. Doing so will ensure that the account folders’ content remains intact during the transition. To deactivate the account, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Open the Windows Live Mail program on your computer and right-click on the Account Name
  • In the Account Name section, you will need to click on the Properties
  • Next, go to the General tab and deselect the checkbox next to ‘Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing’ option.
  • Once you are done making the changes, you will need to click on the Apply and then on the OK
  1. Set up a New IMAP Account

After you have deactivated your Windows Live Mail account, you will now need to set up a new IMAP account to overcome the Windows Live Mail error id 0x8de00005. To set up your new IMAP account Windows Live Mail, follow these steps:

  • To begin with, you will first need to open the Windows Live Mail program on your computer, click on the Accounts Tab, and click on the + icon with @
  • Next, you will need to enter your email address, password, and display name in the provided field.
  • Select the checkbox next to “Manually configure server settings” option and click on the Next
  • Then, you will need to select the IMAP option in the Incoming Server Information
  • Enter in the Server Address field and type 993 in port type. Make sure to select the checkbox next to the option “Requires a secure connection SSL”.
  • Then, go to the Outgoing Server Information section and enter in the provided field.
  • After that, click on the Next button and you are done. You will be able to see your new account added in the left-hand pane of your Windows Live Mail program.

NOTE: In case you wish to move emails from the old account to your new account, you will need to drag emails from the old account and drop them to the appropriated folders of your new account. Doing so will re-download all your emails excluding the ones that would be in the Sent Messages folder.

  1. Remove the Old Account

Once you are done creating a new account and shifting all your emails from the old account to the new one, you can simply remove the old account from your Windows Live Mail program. As you will remove your old account, it will also delete all the messages & folders permanently. If you wish to take back up of your important emails or files, make sure to take it as once the old account will be removed from the folder pane, you will not be able to access any emails or files present in your old account.

So, now as you know how to fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x8de00005, you can easily overcome it whenever you face it in your email program. You can also speak with experts by calling Windows live mail customer support service number to fix your email problem.

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