How to Change the name on your Hotmail account?

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Nowadays, email has become a need for every individual who wishes to stay up to date with the latest activities going worldwide. In addition, it is quite beneficial when it comes to sending an important email, documents, pics and much more to the client and colleagues. Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail are some of the main web-based email services of the industry today. Among these, Hotmail is getting quite popular among its users. But, many times it happens that the users confront issues while using Hotmail frequently. In such circumstances, they seek for the best technical assistance via a certified Hotmail tech expert.

Users can get connected with the tech professionals of Hotmail, in case they confront some technical issues, like changing the name of Hotmail account, password change, recovery of the password and much more.

For any issue related to changing the name on your Hotmail account, you need to dial a toll-free phone number. The phone number is quite beneficial because you get the chance for getting interacted with a third party tech support providing company’s technician. With its assistance, you can surely make the best use of Hotmail account without any tech hurdle. Due to some reason, in case, you wish to change the name of your Hotmail account, you can simply do by performing simple steps:

Follow the below-mentioned steps for changing the name of your Hotmail account:

  • First, you need to go to the login page, and then Sign-in to Hotmail/ Outlook Account.
  • Hit on the account name and simply choose 'Account settings' option.
  • And go to the 'Edit name' choice.
  • Change the name you wish to write,
  • Finally, hit 'First name' and then 'Last name' and click on 'save' choice.

By implementing these steps, you can definitely change the name on your Hotmail account without any inconvenience.

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