How to Restore Deleted Or Missing Contacts In Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo email service is one of the most popular mailing services used by people all across. In this period of connectivity, emails are one of the best ways to connect with each other and send important documents. You can connect with your near ones, friends, and office colleagues. You can send and receive mails using your yahoo mail in an efficient manner. Itís simple and trouble-free process to get connected with any person or contact in your yahoo mail. Yahoo is one of the foremost e-mail service source like other services like search engine, Yahoo answers, Flickr, Ymail, Yahoo messenger, business directory, news, advertising etc. for worldwide users. Yahoo is well-liked in USA and Canada as it's an American company.

If you are yahoo user and you are missing some or all of your contacts and looking for the ways through which you can recover the deleted or missing individual contacts or restore to a backup copy then you are at right place with us.

Restore individual contacts

  • In order to restore individual contacts you can restore contacts that are missing from your account or deleted due to any reason within the past 30 days.
  • After this in Yahoo Mail, click on the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon.
  • Now tap on Deleted Contacts in the column.
  • Choose contacts that you want to restore from the list.
  • In case you don't see the contact that you are searching for then you can also choose "Restore your entire contact list" section.
  • Tap on Restore option in your yahoo account to get them back to your contact list.
  • Tap to Done.

How to restore your entire contacts list

Now you can restore your entire contacts list with a small number of straightforward steps. Using these steps will help yahoo users to restore to how it looked on n exact date.

  • First in your Mail, tap on the Contacts icon present in the graphic of Contacts icon.
  • Now tap on Actions option and then choose restore from backup.
  • Choose a date on which you want to restore your contacts to from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap to Restore and save.

Using these steps will help you to restore contacts in an efficient manner. Along with you can also create a new contact in your account and save up to 5000 contacts in one place. Yahoo offers its customers one of the unique features that help them to import contacts from saved files and connected accounts or saved files. With yahoo you donít need to search on multiple sources for someone's contact details. You simply can collect up all their information and save it in your Yahoo Contacts along with other important details related to contacts.

How to add a new contact in yahoo mail account?

  • If you are a yahoo user then open your yahoo account and then go to contacts icon graphic of Contacts icon.
  • Now tap on New Contact.
  • Type the info of the new contact.
  • Tap to Save.
  • Even you can also edit a contact's information in your yahoo account if you want to edit someoneís details.
  • Now from your Yahoo Mail, tap on the Contacts icon Graphic of Contacts icon.
  • Choose a contact.
  • Tap on Edit Details option.
  • Simply make changes if any you want.
  • Tap to Save.

How to Import contacts from Facebook or supported emails

  • You can also import contacts in your yahoo mail simply tap on the contacts icon in the Graphic of Contacts icon.
  • Tap on the Import button.
  • After this follow the on-screen prompts to sign in and then give your yahoo the permission to import your contacts.

File extension for import contacts

  • If you want to import a saved .csv contact list file tap in the contact icon in the yahoo mail account.
  • Tap on Actions and then choose Import.
  • Tap on the Import button available next to "File Upload."
  • Tap on Browse to find the import file on your computer.
  • Tap to Import and you are done.
  • How to export your Yahoo Contacts
  • You can also export contacts in your yahoo mail from your Facebook and other linked accounts.
  • Now in your Yahoo Mail tap on the Contacts icon Graphic of yahoo Contacts icon.
  • Tap on Actions select Export.
  • Choose a format to export and tap on export option to proceed.

Hopefully this piece of write up will help you to get complete information about how to restore deleted or missing contacts in Yahoo Mail in an proficient manner. You can also Dial Yahoo customer care phone number for instant solution on deleted contacts in Yahoo Mail

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