How To Open Attachments In Yahoo Mail On Android?

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With the ability of receive, sending and download email attachments in your Yahoo mail on Android, you can send any important business or personal documents in seconds. But sometimes while working on your crucial yahoo mail if you are not able to open attachments in your yahoo mail like invoices, files, word docs and other important business documents, then you need a quick action to fix this issue. You need to perform some basic troubleshooting steps which where possibly solve the problem yourself. It's straightforward and simple to handle attached files in the Yahoo Mail app on your android device. Whether the attachment which you got in your mail is a image, invoice or a pdf, with the help of below mentioned steps you can easily open these attachments on your device.

Attached files

  • First of all open an email containing an attachment to open it.
  • Now click on the yahoo attachment at the bottom of the email.
  • Click on the More icon Image of the More icon.
  • After this tap on download option.
  • Finally the attachment is saved on your devices by default location. Open the attachment for further use.

In case you are not able to open attachments in yahoo mail on android then simply apply these steps:

  • First of all you need to upgrade your Web browser to make certain that you are using the latest version of the browser. In case you are using updated settings then you must need to check proper configuration to open your Yahoo email attachments.
  • You can also install the free Adobe Reader program to read the PDF attachments.
  • Sometimes the firewall protection also is blocking the opening and downloading of attachments.
  • In order to fix this issue you need to restart your computer and if you are still facing the issue with viewing attachments then you need to check your Internet connectivity to fix the issue.

Turn off add-ons or plug-ins, on your Android device as this may also cause opening of an attachment. In case you are still not able to open attachments in your yahoo mail on your android device then you need an expertise help, who can provide you with best possible solutions. To resolve this query you can dial a toll-free customer support number for yahoo and get solutions accordingly in a competent manner.

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