Comprehensive Guide For Yahoo Mail Password Recovery

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Using different passwords for different services is a little bit difficult job as you have to remember passwords for your all accounts. Sometimes while using your yahoo account if you are not able to login into your yahoo account as you forgot your yahoo account, then there is no need to get worried as there are a number of ways through which you can easily recover your account password.

You can easily recover your password with the help of a recovery alternate mail or phone number which you have previously connected with your account. But in case you donít have a recovery email address or phone number linked to your account then you can use security questions to fix the query instantly. For this, you just need to visit the Yahoo recovery page and get your account recovered easily. In this post, you will get complete information about how to recover lost Yahoo password.

Following Are The Steps For Yahoo Password Recovery:

First of all, go to the official Sign in a page of Yahoo account section and after that, tap on the ďTrouble signing in? ď option in the Yahoo account page. By clicking on this option you will be redirected to the next section for password recovery.

yahoo password recovery

Now type your Yahoo Email ID which you have to provide during the account creating time. This step helps yahoo to verify that you are valid Yahoo account user.

You can also tap on options for password Recovery- In this section, you any of the options through which you can recover your account password.

  • Mobile phone number recovery
  • Alternative Email Address and Secret Questions.

You can use any of the three methods to recover your account password. Below is given the complete steps for recovery of yahoo account password:

Using Registered Mobile Number

  • First, you can visit the Sign-in Helper page of yahoo.
  • Here you can type your mobile phone number or email address linked to your yahoo account.
  • Tap to continue by entering the CAPTCHA code.
  • In case you can receive text messages on the given mobile number then tap on the Yes option and you will get an Account Key.
  • Enter the given account Key in the given field provided, and then tap to Verify.
  • Choose an account to reset the password. Type the password and re-enter to confirm.
  • Tap to continue.

Using Registered Email ID

  • In case you donít have a mobile phone number linked to your yahoo account then you can simply use alternative email ID to recover your account password. This alternate Email ID is that ID which you have provided at the time of your account creation.
  • For using this simply go to Sign-in Helper page of yahoo and enter your alternative Email account.
  • You will get a code from Yahoo on your Yahoo account.
  • The message will contain a code for recovery of your yahoo password.
  • Simply type that verification code on the given field which you got via email and then tap to Verify.
  • After this, you will be redirected to a page on which you have to enter a new password. You have to enter the password twice in order to confirm it.
  • Tap to Continue.

Recovery using the Secrete Question

  • In case you are not able to recover your account password then you can use the few secret questions to recover your account instantly. Below are the following steps which will help you to get the old password instantly.
  • In the secret questions, you will be asked about your full name in which you have to enter your first and last name.
  • You may be asked about the secret questions which you have linked to your yahoo account.
  • Sometimes you may be asked about the older passwords which you have used in the past.
  • In case you have linked your account with Facebook then yahoo may ask you to recognize your friends in order to confirm verification.

In addition to all this, the main thing to keep in mind is to provide correct and accurate information about you so that the things will be genuine and easy to remember. But in case you create a fake ID, then you may forget the password and you wonít be able to recover the account easily.

Some Major Precautions While Using A New Password:

  • Always use a strong password with a mixture of alphabets and numbers.
  • Always try to change the password after a certain interval of time.
  • Use different passwords for all the accounts so the chances of hacking are low.
  • Keep your account and browser settings updated.
  • Use 2- step verification to secure your account.
  • While entering the password check the caps on a key to enter the password correctly.

It is always suggested that you must change your password after an interval of time so that there are fewer chances of hacking. In case you are changing your password on regular intervals then, the password is easy to remember. And thus, you will not forget your yahoo account password easily.

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