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The email services market has various giants fighting to gain highest numbers of users. Gmail is one of the most popular and widely used email services providers. It made a blasting debut in the market in April 2004 with most attractive features. At the time, email services providers were offering very limited online storage space but Gmail started its services with 1 GB of storage space. It also increased the size of attachments to 25 MB and introduced a search-oriented interface.The power packed features of Gmail lead to make it an instant hit in the market.

The service was started as invitation only but after a couple of years it was made available to public to sign up without any invitation. Gmail is offering free services to its users but it has integrated AdSense advertisement to generate revenues. Gmail is always leading the industry through offering impressive features. It has more than one billion active users across the globe.

Features of Gmail:

Gmail is well known for offering most impressive and power packed features to its users. It has taken free email services standards to a higher level. Gmail has a long list of its loyal customers who are not willing to switch to any other services provider. They are enjoying some of the most impressive features for free from Gmail. Some of the most attractive features offered by Gmail are given below.

  • Gmail is offering 15 GB of online storage space to its users.It includes Google Drive and Google Plus as well
  • Features different tabs for automatic sorting of emails to offer its users a direct access to the required emails
  • Canned responses
  • A search-oriented interface to search required email quickly and conveniently
  • Hangout for social interaction
  • Video Chat
  • Reliable Gmail technical support
  • Gmail users make their accounts even more secure through activating two-step authentication
  • Users can stay protected against unwanted and junk emails because of strong spam filter of Gmail
  • You can bookmark your important emails to get right to it for future uses
  • Labels to organize your Gmail account

Gmail Technical Problems:

Even though Gmail is known for offering some impressive features but still its users has to face some technical difficulties and problems now and then. When we are using technical services, we have to expect glitches. Some of the problems experienced by Gmail users are:

  • Non-responding email account
  • Problem with logging in
  • Taking too long to send or receive emails or not working at all
  • Lost password
  • Gmail Account blocked or suspended
  • Hacked accounts
  • Attacked by malicious scripts
  • IMAP and POP configuration problem
  • Third party client problems including configuration and crashing
  • Spam filter not working properly

Getting Help from Official Gmail Support:

Gmail users enjoy a reliable customer support from Gmail customer services department. It also features a FAQ and help page for its users. On the pages it has listed solutions to most of the common problems users have experienced. So it is strongly advised that you should consult the help page first.

  • If you are unable to get the solution you need always contact Gmail for support through email. You should explain your problem carefully and properly so that Gmail tech support can analyze the issue and get you a proper solution. Email support can be a bit longer process as it may take minimum 24 hours to come up with initial analysis report.
  • Relatively faster medium is live chat. You can quickly get in touch with one of their representatives and can discuss you problem.
  • Third medium to contact Gmail is through their provided toll free number.

Need a Quicker and Permanent Solution?

Official Gmail support can take longer to come up with a solution to your problem. But it is not convenient or possible for most of the times to wait that long. So if you are looking for a quicker and reliable solution, you can get tech support from us. We are offering comprehensive and permanent solutions to all Gmail problems to keep our clients safe and protected. You can rely on us for any of your problem. Some of the unique features of our services are:

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