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Internet has taken a special place in our daily lives. Whether you are looking for some entertainment or require communication with friends or professional associates, internet is the solution. Throughout the years, we have witnessed various key players in the market but not all of them could survive the harsh competitions. MSN is a reliable and one of the most popular names that has been offering its quality services for many years. MSN is a web portal that belongs to the software market giant Microsoft. MSN was launched in August 1995 packed with various internet services.

One of the most popular services of MSN is email service that is being used all over the world by millions of users. Microsoft acquired Hotmail in 1997 and rebranded it few times. Throughout the history of changes and updates, the services were known by the names of MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Live Mail and currently known as Outlook. It has always offered some of the most attractive features to its users. One of the main attractions of MSN mail services used to be MSN Messenger that is not available anymore.

Features of MSN:

MSN is offering its email services packed with some powerful features that quickly grabs the attentions of email users. Some of the features being offered by MSN are:

  • It is offering 5 GBs of online storage space to its users so that they do not have to delete high volume consuming emails anymore
  • Contact importing and exporting is available for backup purposes, to be used later if required
  • Its folder-based email organization helps users to manage their emails in a more convenient way
  • Skype has also been integrated into the services to make it more convenient to contact family, friends and business associates.
  • Microsoft Office documents can also be viewed and edited directly from email because of the integration of Office Online
  • Strong virus scanning is implemented to scan all attached files in emails to keep the users protected against malicious scripts and viruses
  • The powerful spam filter of MSN ensures that the users do not get bothered by the junk or unwanted emails by placing the mails in a junk folder
  • Users can access their emails through the web, MSN Mail app, outlook client or any other third party client of their choice
  • To make emailing more convenient, MSN has featured Contact grouping
  • In order to enhance user experience and to add more usability, different third party add-ons can also be integrated with the email

Common Technical Problems with MSN Services:

MSN is one of the earliest webs of the internet world and offering its services through utilizing state of the art technologies. But even with all the efforts, MSN users have to face some technical difficulties now and then. Some of the most common technical problems of MSN are:

  • Non responding web server
  • Problems with sending or receiving of emails
  • Unable to attach any file with the email
  • Unable to download files attached with email
  • Third party email client having problem with connectivity or synchronizing with mail server
  • Third party client crashes during sending and receiving emails
  • Receiving junk emails in your inbox
  • Add-ons or integrated apps are nor working properly
  • Forgot MSN password or account is compromised

Contacting Official Customer Service of MSN:

MSN has its own official MSN customer service support and has always taken a good care of its customer and offered reliable means to contact them when you have to. MSN team can be contacted through following means:

  • Email
  • Live chat
  • Toll free number
  • MSN technical Support number
  • MSN Customer Support Help Center -

Reliable and Instant MSN Support:

If you want an instant solution to your problem because you cannot wait long to receive solution from MSN, you can always contact us. We are offering comprehensive MSN email customer support services to all our clients. We ensure that the clients receive a satisfactory and permanent solution to their problems. All the troubleshooting is performed through remote access to ensure the satisfactory solutions are provided. We can be accessed through customer support number or email anytime of a day. We are also available through live chat that is one of the most preferred means of communication by users.

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