How to View Yahoo Messenger Conversation History

We all cherish the past memories we spent with our friends and family, whether an old picture with them or a quality conversation on Yahoo Messenger. This is really mesmerizing to see and read those messages again and again. Sometimes those messages are from your professional contacts and you want them to keep for reference.

Whatever the reason to rejoice those conversations, we have your quick solution to view and bring back a smile to your face. Here, we have this step by step guide to view Yahoo Messenger conversation history once again.

Whatever the reason to rejoice those conversations, we have your quick solution to view and bring back a smile to your face. You can learn and view, any of your chat conversations on Yahoo Messenger.

How to View Yahoo Messenger Conversation History :       

  • Your first step is to sign in to Yahoo Messenger, then open the Contacts menu and now select Conversation History to open a pop-up containing your archived conversations in it

yahoo messenger history

  • Here, you need to choose the name of a contact from the sidebar to display your past conversations and other interactions as video or voice call with the particular contact
    yahoo messenger conversation history
  • Now, send a message or initiate a video or phone call from the Conversation History window by clicking on the Instant Message, Video Call or Voice Call icons given there
  • And then save a hard copy or take a print for your conversation history with the specified contact by clicking on the Print or Save icon mentioned there

yahoo messenger

  • You can also choose to delete your entire conversation history with that contact from the Yahoo servers by clicking on the Delete Entire History icon given there
  • Here, type a keyword or phrase in the search bar and hit the Enter key to search your conversation history from it
  • Here, Yahoo Messenger will display a list of conversations that contain the specified keyword or phrase for you
  • Along with this, you need to filter your conversation history to display only relevant interactions by opening the drop-down menu and selecting an interaction type matching with your requirement

drop down menu

  • This is the best way to have a quick view of your conversation history of Yahoo Messenger

When you use this guide, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or someone who is well-versed with technology. This is helpful even when a user is just novice with Yahoo messenger; in fact, anyone can use it. When needed, you can delete any of these conversation histories to keep the conversation secure.

For any other help get in touch with Yahoo customer care support service team phone number and get the quick solution.

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