How to Troubleshoot Windows Live Mail Login Issue


What else can bother a Windows Live Mail or WLM user more than a log in an issue!

The login issues when you wish to get into your Windows Live Mail account is difficult to address until you don’t have a clue about the possible reason.

There could be a reason when a user is unable to recall the correct password or when you recently switched to Two-Step Verification security; we have a solution for you to troubleshoot the Windows live mail login issue. You can take the help of these tricks given here.

Trick – If you can’t remember your password, reset it

The common issue with Windows Live Mail users is when they forget the password. This is too difficult to get a clue about the recently updated password and you are unable to get it back.

The best way is to reset it to a new one. We have this quick guide for WLM users to get the password reset easily.

Steps To Reset Windows Live Mail Account

  1. First, go to the Reset your password page
  2. Here, you need to choose the reason you wish to reset Windows live mail password, then click on Next button
  3. After that, enter the complete email address of WLM. This could be an email address, or an email ending in a Microsoft domain like or
  4. Here, you need to enter the characters you see on the screen, and then click on Next button
  5. Once you will verify your account with the security code or secret question; you will be directed to reset your password with a new one

Trick – If you recently turned on two-step verification

The Two-Step Verification is the next level security with your Windows Live Mail account; this is to keep your account secure. But, you will need to use an app password to get in or security code will be there to get in. In the initial phase of activating the Two-Step Verification, you need to be a little aware of the things.

Trick – If you change your security info and have a 30-day waiting period

When your WLM account has been updated with the security settings and the time is just lesser than 30 days, you need to wait some more. This will give you an error as;

We’re not ready for you yet!

Here, you need to understand that you have to wait for 30 days to get the recent changes updated properly. You can’t get in until it will be there. So, the ultimate solution is to wait for a while to get things done.

The above tricks will help in troubleshooting your windows live mail account; if you are still facing problem then you need to dial the toll-free phone number of Windows live mail customer care service support team for faster response.

How to Fix Windows Live Mail Server Problem

How to Fix Windows Live Mail Server Problem

Getting the Windows Live Mail server problem is quite common. You will be surprised to know that some of the Windows errors are yet to be resolved. These errors include Windows Live Mail Error 3219, Error code 0x8de00005, etc.

If all of a sudden you find that you are unable to send or receive emails and start getting error codes like mentioned above, it means Windows Live Mail is unable to connect to the MSN servers.

Apparently, the root of the problem is related to the two types of authentication that uses the same user credentials at the very same time. The first credential is used for sign-in and the second one is used for the mail server. Basically, Windows Live mail errors are irritating the users who have configured Windows Live Mail connection and synchronization via secure HTTPS protocol. Although there isn’t any specific way to get rid of these errors you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to the Windows Live Mail.
  • Click “Accounts” then tap + with @ icon.
  • Type your email address, password, and your display name.
  • Check Manually Configure Server Settings.
  • Under the incoming server information choose IMAP.
  • Type in the Server field and type 993 in the port.
  • Check the box “Require a secure connection SSL
  • Navigate to the “Outgoing Server Information
  • Type and port must be updated as 587
  • Check the box “Requires a secure connection SSL” as well as the “Requires Authentication
  • Press the Next button.

Now, you have successfully reconfigured your Windows Live Mail account. Restart your computer and it shall work perfectly fine. You may have to keep the following things in mind.

  • You must use the latest version of the Windows Live Mail.
  • Avoid using applications that require high bandwidth.
  • Make sure that there isn’t any latency in the network.
  • Diagnose your system to ensure that there aren’t any hardware issues in it.
  • You must install the Windows updates regularly.
  • Only use the genuine anti-virus program and get it from the reputed sources.
  • The drive of the hard-disk where the operating system is installed must have enough space.

If the problem still persists then, call our certified professionals on the toll-free helpline number of Windows Live mail customer support service and get the prompt resolution for the same.

Getting Issues In Windows Live Mail Account Settings

Having Issues In Windows Live Mail Account Settings

Windows Live is the free email client from Microsoft which has been quite popular worldwide. Windows Live official works perfectly fine on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

To use the Windows live with the full feature you must configure it correctly as a slight mistake or missing component won’t let you send or receive emails. Establishing the POP settings for Windows Live is not difficult but a simple and straightforward process rather. So, if you are getting issues or facing difficulty in setting up the Windows Live account then you are at the very right place. This post will help you set up your Windows Live account.

Before you get started; you must keep in mind the following points:

1.Incoming Mail Server:

2.Outgoing Mail Server:

3.Username: Your full email address.

4.Password: the same password.

5.My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication shall be turned on.

6.Incoming server port: 995 and SSL is required.

7.Outgoing server port: 25 and TLS is required.

8.You must install the latest version of the Windows Live and Windows Updates shall be turned on.

9.Ensure a fast but stable internet connection.

Steps to configure Windows Live:

1.Log on to the Windows system and go to the “Control Panel

2.Find an option as Mail or Mail 32 bit and double click on it open it.

3.Click on the “Email Accounts” button.

4.Now, click on the “New” button.

5.Select the E-mail account and click Next.

6.Select the option at the bottom of the page as Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click on “Next

7.Now choose Internet-Email and press again the Next

8.Fill out all the information carefully and DON’T CLICK ON NEXT. CLICK ON “More Settings

9.Choose the Outgoing Server and turn on “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”

10.Click on “Advanced” and fill all the necessary information.

11.Set Incoming server (POP3) as 995

12.Check the box as “This server requires an encrypted connection SSL

13.Set outgoing server (SMTP) as 25

14.In the type of encrypted connection, you must choose as TLS and press the OK button.

15.Now just to check whether all things have been correctly configured press the “Test Account Setting” button.

16.If you see the message as “Congratulations! All tests completed successfully. Click close to continue” You are done.If you got an error or still facing any issue then you better contact our certified tech experts on the toll-free helpline number of Windows Live Mail customer support service for quick support and the prompt resolution.

Unable To Download Files In Windows Live Mail Account

windows live mail file download issue

File sharing on Windows Live Mail is very common and so is hacking and spamming in your email account. In order to keep your computer protected against viruses, online threats and programs that can harm or hack your personal information, Windows Live Mail doesn’t allow some types of file attachments. And, this is the reason that sometimes you are not able to download the file in Windows Live Mail.

However, if you want to allow all types of file attachments, you can do that by changing the settings of your Windows Live Mail Account’s safety options. You will be able to easily download and open all types of files, after making the following changes in the safety option.

Steps to Allow Mails to Download and Open all Types of File Attachments

1. Go to the “Start” option in your computer and type “Mail” in the search box. Locate the “Windows Live Mail” in the search result and click on it.

2. After that, on the “Home” tab of Windows Live Mail, select the “Junk” option and go to “Safety options”.

3. Under the “Safety Options”, locate the “Security” tab and click on it.

4. Now Look for the “Virus protection” option, and under this option uncheck the box next to “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus”.

5. Finally, click “OK”. Now, whenever you receive an attachment through email, Windows Live Mail will not block any file attachment and you will be allowed to send or receive any type of file in emails.

6. But remember, turning off the above option will leave your system at the risk of getting affected by the virus.

Note: The changes made will be effective for emails that you receive after the changes made. Also, it is recommended to send or receive file attachments in zipped form.

In case the above solution does not help you get rid of the file downloading problem in Windows Live Mail, you can contact us anytime from anywhere. We are the most reliable third-party Windows Live Mail customer support service provider in the industry. We house a team of experts who very well understand the Windows Live Mail features and thus is capable of providing the most accurate solution for all Windows Live Mail related issues.

Our lines are available round the clock. We can be reached via our toll-free number, live chat, and email as well. We promise to cater to you with quality and reliable solutions for all your Windows Live Mail related queries and worries.

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