How to Delete All Emails on Roadrunner at Once

delete roadrunner email at once

“I want to delete all emails in my roadrunner account and I don’t know how to do it. Can you tell me how?”

This could be anyone’s query if the concerned person is not aware of the steps to delete all emails on Roadrunner at once.

Steps to Delete All Emails on Roadrunner at Once

If you are a Roadrunner account holder, you can check your emails when you are away from the office. You get to send and receive business emails. If you happen to be receiving too many emails that clutter your inbox, deleting those emails can sometimes be a cumbersome job. The techniques to delete multiple emails on Roadrunner at once are different from that of deleting a single email. Let’s discuss various ways to delete multiple Roadrunner emails.

Select Multiple Emails at a Time and Delete

Got to delete lots of emails on Roadrunner? Check out the following workarounds –

  • Log in to your Roadrunner email account and select the message that you wish to delete. (Since you want to delete multiple emails, keep on selecting the messages that you want to delete. Make sure you are not selecting an email already selected. This will only deselect it if clicked twice).
  • If you want to delete all emails, press the “shift” and “ctrl” buttons together. This will select all emails and will help you delete them together.
  • After selecting them all, you will have to click “Delete”.

Click One Button to Delete Multiple Roadrunner Emails

No matter which web browser you are using, you will always be able to delete your Roadrunner emails with a single click.

  • Navigate to the Roadrunner homepage and click “Envelope”. This icon can be found in the upper-right portion on the homepage.
  • Log in using your Roadrunner credentials.
  • Open any folder that you want and check the box next to the emails you want to delete.
  • This is a long process. So, you should go for the shortcut method. This will delete all messages in the list. All you have to do is to click “ctrl+A”.
  • All items available on the page will be selected.
  • Hover your cursor over to the “Delete” button and click on it.
  • Sorting and Multiple Selections to Delete Multiple Emails from a Particular Sender

When you don’t want to keep email messages from a sender, you can surely delete them.

The following workarounds will help you delete more than one email from a particular sender.

  • Log in to your Roadrunner account.
  • Sort your emails by entering the sender’s name or email address.
  • Select the emails that you want to delete with the help of the shift key.
  • Click on the “Delete” button to delete them all.

Sometimes the emails sent by a particular sender is more and it exceeds one page. In such cases, you can go to the next page and follow the same procedure to delete all emails. So, this basically depends on the number of emails you have on one page.

Alternate Way to Delete All Emails on Roadrunner at Once

Not a tech-savvy person?

Couldn’t carry out the above-mentioned steps?

No problem! There’s an alternative available.

To delete all your Roadrunner emails at a time, reach out to the Roadrunner Customer Service. The experts are available round the clock at your disposal. Let them know your concern and expect instant solutions.

What to Do When an Unexpected Error Occurred on Facebook Marketplace?

fb marketplace

The Facebook community page is flooded with queries by users worldwide. Amongst the numerous unresolved questions, you will come across ‘an unexpected error occurred Facebook marketplace’ issue becoming the most talked about topics. One marketer wrote, “Marketplace has not been working for a few weeks now constantly keep saying an unexpected error has occurred when I try to sell a product I can still see people selling stuff but constantly says an unexpected error has occurred.” Another wrote, “How to fix ‘unexpected error has occurred’ marketplace.”

Since Facebook introduced this new feature, i.e. Facebook Marketplace, users around the world have been showing immense interest in buying, selling, and trading items with people in their locality. It is, basically, a digital marketplace that allows users to carry out –

  • Search for various items to purchase.
  • Create item listing using a camera. All the items are sorted as per the category and location.
  • Browse for items according to the location/ category.
  • Set custom bids for items.
  • View messages and transactions under a “Your Items” section.

Users with an iPhone and Android device can access this feature and are free to sell, buy, and trade with others. If you have recently come to know about this amazing feature and are excited to use it on your phone, you must be ready to tackle the ‘unexpected error’.

So, what should you do to get rid of the unexpected error on Facebook Marketplace?

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Unexpected Error on Facebook Marketplace

The unexpected error often surfaces on your computer screen while using Facebook Marketplace. One of the reasons could be the poor Wi-Fi connection. Ensure that you are connected to a stable and safe Wi-Fi.

Everyone who is trading on Facebook Marketplace might have encountered an unexpected error. If you, too, come across this error, this is what you should do.

  • Sign yourself out of Facebook. (To do so, you need to click on the ‘arrow’ on the top right corner and click “Logout”)
  • If you are using a computer, make sure you clear the cache and cookies of your system.
  • Also, ensure you are using the latest version of the browser or the app.
  • Now, you need to restart your phone or computer.
  • For the app users, uninstall and then install the app again.
  • Try logging in to your Facebook account and try again.

If it didn’t work, you should contact the professionals at Facebook Customer Support instead of reporting the issue again and again. Here’s what one user has to say, “This time it’s 48 hours with getting an error message when trying to view my items for sale on the marketplace! If you report too many times they block you for a week! So no sense in reporting issues, nothing gets fixed! No one to contact, no response when you do report an issue! All of my devices are working properly with apps games etc. Please advise other ways to view my items in order to renew them for sale on the marketplace.”

You should simply stick to the following steps when an unexpected error or unknown error surfaces.

  • Facebook: Clear Cache Error
  • If you get “an unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later” or “an unknown error has occurred”, you should clear your browser cache.
  • Launch your browser, click on the history tab.
  • Select “Clear Browsing Data” and get rid of data and files.
  • After doing this, you will have to re-login to your Facebook account.

You can also speak with Facebook customer support expert person live by calling our toll free number for free.

How Do I Setup My RoadRunner Email in Outlook

Are you looking for the best method to set up your RoadRunner email in Outlook? In this guide, we will talk about the top techniques to configure your RoadRunner email in Microsoft Outlook without a hassle.

Why Should You Use Microsoft Outlook Desktop Email Client?

Outlook, popularly known as MS Outlook, is a leading email application used by many individuals as well as businesses around the world. Owing to its many excellent features and sophisticated tools, Outlook continues to woo its users. If you are thinking of setting up your different email in Outlook, here are the benefits that you are going to avail of.

  • Efficient Message Organization: Since all the messages and emails are stored in an organized manner, it becomes easier to access every message and its attachment (if any) all in one place. Apart from accessing emails in an organized, you can send a message in a professional manner.
  • Make Most out of Calendar Features: Another key feature that makes corporate employees love this email client is the Outlook Calendar. It enables users to send meeting requests to contacts and allows them to schedule upcoming appointments.
  • Keyboard Commands to Enable You to Perform Tasks Quickly: This important feature simplifies the process of forwarding, sending, and replying messages. With the help of Keyboard Commands, it becomes easier to navigate your inbox as well as other important folders. Next time, if you have to look for a particular link or a folder to carry out a specific task, use the keyboard. It will save plenty of time.
  • Manage Contacts: Through keyboard commands and navigation, you can manage contacts in your Outlook. Also, find contacts by accessing the address book if you need to send meeting requests or emails. Managing contacts, finding one, and sending messages is super-easy in Outlook.

These are some of the most important tools or features that have made Outlook the best email client. Many business entities prefer using Microsoft Outlook to increase productivity, owing to its robust features and capabilities.

How do I set up my RoadRunner email in Outlook and enjoy all these advantages?” We have got you covered. Check out the configuration steps below –

  1. Open your Outlook account and click the ‘File’
  2. Next, click the ‘Add Account’ option (located in the right pane). You will have to then click the ‘Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types’ option.
  3. As the account type, click ‘Internet E-mail’ and then enter your full name and email address of RoadRunner (in the first two boxes).
  4. Step #4 will prompt you to click the ‘Account Type’ drop-down list and then choose ‘POP3’. As the incoming mail server, you have got to type ‘’ and as the outgoing server, type ‘’.
  5. You will have to enter your RoadRunner username and password.
  6. Click the ‘Next’ button to verify the settings (RoadRunner) are correctly configured.
  7. Now, click ‘Close’ and ‘Finish’.
  8. You have completed the setup of RoadRunner in Outlook.

Now, you will be able to access all your RoadRunner emails in your Outlook account. Use all its state-of-the-art features to improve your work productivity.

If you failed to configure your RoadRunner Email in Outlook, you can always get in touch with the Roadrunner customer support number who will provide quick solutions.