Yahoo Mail Problems List and Permanent Solutions

yahoo mail problem

Only the Yahoo Mail users can tell how frustrating it is when they can’t access their important emails. Although Yahoo Mail is recognized for its magnificent design, efficiency, reliability, and ease, it fails to ward off technical glitches and other Yahoo mail problems.

Now and then, users of Yahoo have to face some sort of errors that prevent them from accessing their accounts. If you have recently signed up with Yahoo Mail and haven’t encountered anything like this, this complete list of Yahoo Mail problems and their solutions will come in handy for you.

Complete List of Yahoo Mail Problems That Continue to Hinder Your Smooth Experience

No one is going to appreciate if Yahoo Mail errors continue to occur and frustrate the user experience.

No matter whether you have installed highly-reliable antivirus thinking that would not let anything happen to your Yahoo Mail account or have purchased an expensive device, you will have to be ready for the ultimate face-off. And when this amazing list of Yahoo Mail errors and solutions is at your disposal, you can get ready beforehand.

Experiencing the ‘Yahoo Mail not working’ issue? Follow this ultimate guide to fix a wide range of Yahoo Mail problems –

1) Fix ‘Can’t Send or Receive Emails’ Yahoo Problem:

One of the frequently occurred Yahoo Mail problems that users experience is ‘can’t send or receive emails’.

  • A Message I Sent Wasn’t Received: When you send an email and it fails to reach the concerned person, “make sure the email was sent”. To do so, you must check your sent folder, check for typos, and check your drafts folder.

Another way to check why it hasn’t reached the recipient is to “ask your recipient to check their account”. You may ask the person to check their spam folder, blocked address list, and filters.

  • Email Isn’t Received in Yahoo Mail: This can take a toll when you expect an important email but don’t get it. You would like to check your account for any errors, check the account settings (email filters, spam folder, blocked address, and reply-to address), etc.

2) Yahoo Mail Firefox Problem:

If your Internet connection is working just fine and you still are facing problems accessing your Yahoo Mail account using the Firefox web browser, some of the top fixes would be –

  • Clearing the temporary files and cookies
  • Enable your cookies
  • Check your password
  • Use a different web browser if everything else is fine

3) Message List Loading Problem:

When you are experiencing Yahoo Mail loading problem, you are advised to clear your browser’s cache, update the web browser, disable browser enhancements, make sure JavaScript is enabled, reset your browser to default settings, and temporarily disable antivirus, firewall, and antispyware products.

4) Login Redirect Issue:

Most users of Yahoo Mail have to deal with the login redirect issue while trying to login to their Yahoo Mail account. They complain about being redirected to the AT&T login page. Users are encouraged to login from the AT&T login page if they have an account with the AT&T account. If you have an account with Yahoo and still facing the issue, change the password, and log in from this link (

5) Draft Problem:

First of all, how did you end up with a dozen emails when you had sent them previously? Oh, wait! Did Yahoo flag them as spam and make them sit in the draft? If that is the case, you can get rid of the draft problem by editing and resending them. Also, you must keep in mind that Yahoo Mail auto-saves emails during a compose an-email session.


6) Image Not Loading:

Are you trying to send an email with an embedded image but it is not displaying in the mail? Or, Yahoo Mail shows an ‘image not loading’ issue when you receive an email with embedded pictures. Possible reasons for these images not displaying could be –

  • “The HTML in the email may reference a file that isn’t on the hosting server anymore”
  • Incorrect format of the image
  • Maybe, the image is referenced as a relative URL (since you can’t receive the image). To see the image, make sure you have access to the relative URL’s server or directory.

7) Yahoo Mail not working with iPhone:

Invalid settings are to be blamed when your Yahoo Mail account is not working with iPhone. You must check whether it works outside of the app. For that –

  • Try a different device or computer.
  • Log in to your account and compose a new email.
  • Send the email and check whether you receive it within 5 minutes.
  • You will receive it if there’s no error.

You can update your OS, remove and re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail, use the Yahoo Mail App, or add your Yahoo Mail account to iOS Mail with IMAP.

8) Mail PDF Open Issue:

Can’t read a PDF document? You are advised to upgrade your web browser to the latest version and download and install the free Adobe Reader program. Also, you are required to disable the firewall protection or any antivirus embedded as they could be blocking you from downloading the file.

Did you manage to get rid of all these issues? Or, are you still getting them? You need to contact Yahoo customer support for instant assistance.

How to Recognize Yahoo Account Security Issue Warning

The tech giant Yahoo leaves no stone unturned to creating and maintaining a safer online experience for its millions of users worldwide. Now and then, Yahoo rolls out various safety measures and tips to safeguard its users’ privacy and give them the best experience.

However, there are times when you might experience a tech glitch in your account. If you come across any such instance where your Yahoo account is being hacked, or somebody is trying to take over your account, you have to follow few important steps to recognize the security issue warning to protect your account. So, how to identify your Yahoo account security issue warning?

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How to Delete All Yahoo Emails At Once

As you seek the correct methods to delete all Yahoo emails at once, the official Yahoo page has the most suiting saying – “Life is hectic. Your inbox shouldn’t be.” And we stick to this line and ensure to exceed the user’s expectations.

When your email is flooded with a pool of emails (unnecessary emails, in particular), we suggest you get rid of the mess. The point is why you would support the litter when you can fix it yourself. But before you take the drastic step and reduce the clutter, do read through all of them.

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How To Change Mobile Number In Yahoo Mail?

In order to provide better security to the users, Yahoo Mail offers numerous security features such as two-step verification, Account Key, Recovery Email Address, Recovery Phone Number. While there are numerous security measures offered by Yahoo Mail, it is important to keep an updated mobile number registered with your Yahoo Mail account in order to easily recover it in case if you ever forget the password or your account gets hacked.

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How to Fix Temporary Error 8 in Yahoo Mail

fix yahoo mail error 8

Temporary error codes are rated to be the most annoying issues in Yahoo Mail by many users. These pesky error codes are usually a combination of alphabets and numerical that prevents users from accessing their accounts or operating certain features in their accounts. One of such annoying error code is Yahoo mail Temporary Error 8.

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How to View Yahoo Messenger Conversation History

We all cherish the past memories we spent with our friends and family, whether an old picture with them or a quality conversation on Yahoo Messenger. This is really mesmerizing to see and read those messages again and again. Sometimes those messages are from your professional contacts and you want them to keep for reference.

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How to Fix Yahoo Error Code 403

Fix Yahoo Error 403

The moment you tried to open your Yahoo messenger application; instead of opening the chat rooms; you got Yahoo Forbidden Error 403 on your computer screen. Well, we have a comprehensive guide for Yahoo messenger users to fix the issue.

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How to Fix Yahoo Calendar Error Code 1111

Yahoo calendar error code 1111

We’re sorry, something went wrong. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please wait for a few moments and try again. Error code: 1111!

Yahoo users will experience this error while accessing or making any changes in it; you will get it and find it difficult to move ahead. This is really annoying when you have your schedule with your Yahoo calendar and you have to make some amendments, but you can’t. So, what are the symptoms which make you understand that you are experiencing the error code 1111 with your Yahoo Calendar; we have a quick list here.

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How to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error 5

Fix Yahoo temporary error 5

Yahoo Temporary Error 5This is a common issue faced by Yahoo users when they are unable to sign in to account due to multiple signs in on different devices or locations at the same time. Yahoo considers it as a security threat, so your account will be blocked for some hours and this will avoid hacking attempts if any.

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