How to Whitelist an Email in Outlook (Safe-list Email Address)?

whitelist an email in outlook

Imagine this – you are expecting an important email from your client, but you never get that. Strange?

Why not ask your client whether he/ she has sent the message? If he/ she has, where did it go?

Did it end up in the junk or spam folder? There’s a possibility of this. Just go through the spam folder and confirm the status. In most cases, it does end up in the unwanted folder. So, you have got to do some exercise and fix the error.

In this blog, you will learn how to whitelist an email in Outlook.

How to Whitelist an Email Address in

Safe listing an email address from a particular contact or recipient would surely reach the inbox (and not in the spam or junk folder). After you have whitelisted the address, it would straight go where it is supposed to, i.e. your inbox.

At the same time, you must keep in mind that the role of the Outlook Junk Email Filter is to move suspicious emails to the Junk Mail folder. When it comes across such suspected spam, it wouldn’t hesitate to move to the junk folder. Also, you need to make it a habit to check your Junk Mail folder regularly for any important emails and then add them to the Safe Senders list.

Let’s quickly understand what happens when whitelisting an email sender.

It is pretty evident how frustrating it can get when you have to dig through your spam folder to find the email that you are looking for. This process certainly is annoying and ultimately decreases your productivity. So, it is important to whitelist the emails from a specific sender. When you do it, you tell your email provider that emails from that sender should be allowed to go into your inbox. So, the next time that sender emails you, rather than being filtered into spam it goes straight into your inbox.

So, let’s learn how to whitelist an email in Outlook. You can add email contacts to the Safe Senders list in the following ways.

  1. Add Contacts to Safe Senders List Manually:

Here’s how you can permanently whitelist an email address in

  • Launch and go to “Settings”.
  • Now, click on “Options” and choose “Junk Email” (in the left pane).
  • Click on the “Safe Senders” list.
  • You need to enter the email addresses or domains and click on the “Add” button.
  • Click “Save”.

You have now manually added domains or email addresses to the Safe Senders list.

  1. Add Contacts to Safe Senders List Automatically:

Whitelisting can also be done automatically.

  • Click on the “Home” screen and choose “Junk”.
  • Click on the “Junk Email Options”.
  • Now, on the Safe Senders tab, check the box next to “Automatically add people I email to the Safe Senders list”.
  • That’s it!
  1. Unblock Senders Manually:

You have your Blocked Senders list. You need to check this folder from time to time to ensure you are not missing out on any important message. Or, in case you have added any of your potential client’s email to the Blocked Senders list by mistake, you can unblock it by selecting “Settings”> “Options”.

You will have to click on the “Junk Email” option in the left pane. Click “Blocked Senders”. Here, you will have the option to choose the email addresses or domains that you would like to unblock. Now, click the trash bin icon and click “Save”.

Outlook will continue to send emails to the Junk Mail folder unless they are added to the Safe Senders list. You can add an individual email address to the Outlook Contacts. This is quicker and more efficient than entering information manually.

The above methods don’t necessarily need professional help. If you are busy doing something more important, assign the task to knowledgeable and experienced technicians. You can reach out to them at Outlook Customer Support Number!

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