Recover MSN Account without Recovery Email or Phone Number

Forgot recovery email address and phone number in MSN

Getting access to your MSN account is a straightforward process till the time you have access to the recovery mobile number and recovery email address. At the time of the recovery, a security pin is sent to the recovery mobile/email address which you can enter on the web page to regain access to the account. What will you do if you forgot the recovery email address and the phone number? Puzzled! Don’t be as we have got the solution for the same situation as well. All you need to do is just keep following the blog until the end.

If you have forgotten the recovery email address and the associated phone number then it would be a little hard to regain access but certainly not impossible. Instead of choosing the recovery email address and the recovery mobile number, you can choose the security questions to recover MSN account. You must have access to the exact answers and you will be on your way.

Sometimes it may also happen as even if you are answering exactly the same, you get the error that answers haven’t matched with the MSN records. You must clear the cookies, cache, and the browsing history of the browser. For the safe side, don’t forget to clean the temporary files, cache, etc. of the system as well. You must have an active internet connection which must be stable as well. Try on another browser or uninstall the browser and reinstall it if the problem still persists.

Follow the steps to recover the MSN account :

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the option “I forgot my password
  3. Select “Reset your password
  4. Enter the MSN email address.
  5. Type the captcha.
  6. Choose the Security Question option and answer exactly the same.
  7. You will be given an opportunity to reset the password. Choose a strong password.

If somehow you don’t remember the answer to the security question then it would be impossible to get access to the MSN account. In such cases, you will have to call MSN Solution Centre and will have to verify the ownership of that account to regain access. If the problem still persists or facing any issue call on helpline number of MSN customer care service support team toll-free and get quick help.

How to Fix File Attachment Issue in MSN Mail Account

How to Fix File Attachment Issue in MSN Mail Account

MSN Mail account is not just a platform to send text messages; it also lets you send files and documents to others. Used widely for both home and official purposes, MSN Mail is a great way to share important official documents and files to your boss or photos to your friends and family through email. However, some MSN Mail users have reported problems while trying to send an attachment in a mail with the MSN Mail account. If you are also experiencing an issue when trying to send an attachment via email from your MSN Mail account, this guide can help you fix the problem quickly and easily. Here are the steps:

Steps to Fix File Attachment Issue in MSN Mail Account

1.) File Size is too Big

Due to security concerns, MSN Mail puts a cap on the size of the file that can be sent via email. So, you need to make sure that the size of the attachment which you are trying to send via MSN Mail is not exceeding the size permitted. To send such files, it is recommended to send them either via Skype or OneDrive.

2.) Title of the File

If the title of the file or attachment that you are trying to send contains special characters like !@#$%^, you will not be able to attach them in your email. It is best to remove such characters from the attachment and then try attaching them back to the email.

3.) Flash Missing

When trying to attach a file in your email, you need to make sure that you have Flash installed in your computer system. And also ensure that it is not being blocked on your computer. If you are using Internet Explorer as your default web browser, make sure that it is not in offline mode.

4.) Security Programs

Your computer’s Firewall settings, Antivirus, and Internet Security programs can also cause trouble attaching a file in the email. Try attaching the file after disabling the program (one at a time). If you find any of the programs causing trouble, exclude MSN Mail from that program.

Note: Excluding any application or program from the Security programs will make them vulnerable to viruses and malware.

5.) Add-ons or Plug-ins

Add-ons or Plug-ins can also cause attachment failure in MSN Mail. Try attaching the file after deactivating such Add-ons or Plug-ins (one at a time) and check if this fixes the problem.

In most of the cases, the above-mentioned steps should fix the problem. However, if the problem still persists in your MSN Mail account, you can get it resolved by contacting our customer support team. We are a reliable third-party MSN mail customer care support service provider and we possess proven expertise and efficiency in handling all MSN Mail related issues and concerns.

So, in order to get in touch with our team, you can anytime give us a call on our 24-hour customer service helpline number (toll-free). Also, you can send us your query via email or you can have an instant chat session with our team via live chat support.

How To Recover Blocked MSN Mail Account

How to recover blocked MSN mail account

Your MSN account can be BLOCKED the moment Microsoft realizes that there are some suspicious activities are going on in your account. Either your MSN account has been compromised or is being used for spreading a lot of junk. Basically, you aren’t alone Microsoft is with you for a walkthrough so that you can verify the ownership of your MSN account and regain access to it. The process doesn’t take too long anyway. You shall be unblocked quickly and on your way soon. You must remember that Microsoft cleans some of the account settings like it removes any auto-replies and linked account this time to protect your accounts and your contacts.

Recover your BLOCKED MSN account:

To UNBLOCK your account, you need to verify the identity as well as the ownership of the blocked account to Microsoft. Verification usually is completed by sending a security code to the alternate email address or to the mobile number via Microsoft. If somehow you don’t have a phone or you are unable to receive the text alert sent via Microsoft, you are most welcome to use any other mobile number of your family members or friends. Microsoft never saves the mobile number for your privacy concerns.

visit the microsoft site

  • Sign-in to your blocked account.   sign in into microsoft account
  • Enter a mobile number to get the security code. You can any mobile number of your choice which is able to receive the text messages.
    enter the number to receive code
  • The moment text alert arrives; enter the same into the webpage.enter the code received on mobile number
  • You must change the password to unblock your account. You must choose a password that is completely unique from the last password. Choose a very strong password and never use straight words that are available in the dictionary. You must include upper cases, lower cases, along with the numbers and the special characters like (!@#$%), etc.

now change the old password and enter a new one

Common problems with the security code:

The instant way to unblock your MSN account is by requesting the security code and entering it right away on the webpage. If you didn’t receive the security code then, you must try again or try with another mobile number. Sometimes it can take a while; make sure that there is proper network coverage. If the security code doesn’t work then verify that you have entered the code from the body of the message, not the code which is there on the header of the message.

If the problem still persists then, you must not hesitate to get in touch with our certified professional on the toll-free number of MSN customer care tech support service for an instant resolution to your MSN account.