How to Delete All Yahoo Emails At Once

As you seek the correct methods to delete all Yahoo emails at once, the official Yahoo page has the most suiting saying – “Life is hectic. Your inbox shouldn’t be.” And we stick to this line and ensure to exceed the user’s expectations.

When your email is flooded with a pool of emails (unnecessary emails, in particular), we suggest you get rid of the mess. The point is why you would support the litter when you can fix it yourself. But before you take the drastic step and reduce the clutter, do read through all of them.

A Yahoo user can delete the emails as per his requirements. Yahoo equips you with the ability to delete one or more messages, delete a group of messages, or all of them at once. Here, we will endow you with information pertaining to delete all the messages or emails with the help of one or a few clicks. The workaround has been mentioned below –

Delete All Yahoo Emails At Once

Deleting All Yahoo Emails At Once

  1. Visit the official website of Yahoo ( and click on the “Mail” button on the top right.
  2. The Yahoo Mail page will display. Here, you need to enter your Yahoo username and password.
  3. Log-in!
  4. Right now, you are on the Yahoo Mail with all emails floating right in front of you.
  5. Look for the “checkbox” button on the top.
  6. A drop-down menu will be displayed – this will get you options like All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, and Unstarred.
  7. Click on it. This will help you select all emails of Yahoo (in case, you need to delete a few selected ones, make sure that you select them individually).
  8. Now you need to click the “Delete” icon in the center.
  9. As you click on it, a prompt will ask you to “confirm” the action.
  10. If you are sure about it, go ahead and click “Ok

Does this workaround come in handy? Are you able to delete all emails in Yahoo Mail easily?

There are times when a user happens to be quite unsure about the technicalities; hence, giving up the idea of doing it on their own. In such cases, we recommend you to go get help from the professionals.

They will get the job accomplished in a timely manner. Moreover, you will not have to make a hole in your pocket. Sounds interesting?

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