Why is Yahoo so Slow and Taking Forever to Load

yahoo mail slow and loading slow

You are signing in to your Yahoo Mail account and used the username and password, but it is not loading properly. You are getting the shaky page and unclear images; this is the issue while using Yahoo on your computer or mobile device.

The problem is not with Yahoo; there are some other reasons too. We have quick tips for users for Yahoo mail slow or Yahoo mail down to fix the poor loading of Yahoo account.

Some Common Tips to Fix Yahoo Mail Slow Performance:

Tip 1- Try by running a network connection test

You think that Yahoo is slow and you are unable to get it to upload properly, is that true! We are asking this question as there are chances when Yahoo is working properly, but you are unable to use it because of poor internet connection.

The internet connection plays a vital role to get your Yahoo mail page upload and seamless browsing experience. If your internet connection is interrupted, then you can’t aspect a better connecting experience with it.

In case, you are getting annoyed with it, simply check your network connection and fix it if needed.

Tip 2- You should check your system resources

Your computer and Smartphone is a multitasking device, but aren’t your resources getting wasted with the unused application and function. This is a common mail issue when a user is sure about the capability of the computer and putting an extra burden of work on it.

This will reduce the functioning of your computer and web browser. Well, you can fix it with the help of Task Manager or Activity Monitor from it. All, you need to do is simply find the unused applications and close them immediately.

Tip 3- Check and update your browser

The frequent updates of your web browser are really needed, as this helps to keep the bugs away from you. When you first install your browser, it might have some faults and bugs in it; which needs to address carefully for proper functioning.

When you don’t update it for a while, it will create a problem and you can’t use it anymore. The idea is simple; check for the updates and if available then get them. In fact, you can go for the auto-update option which lets you avoid any such issues in the future.

Tip 4- Try again after deleting temporary internet files

Web browsers used to keep the browsing history, temporary files, and caches in it. This is to get the fast upload of your favorite pages and last browsed content.

Gradually, as time passes; it will pile up more and more such files with your browser and you can’t get the smooth functioning of your browser. The solution is simple, you just need to delete these files and get rid of this issue instantly.

Yahoo mail slow performance can be easily fixed by following these tips. If you still having issues contact technical professionals of Yahoo customer support service team on the toll-free phone number for an instant fix.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 475

Yahoo mail Error Code 475

Yahoo Mail Error code 475

Suspicious activity detected!

Account temporarily blocked from sending messages!

These are the common error prompts when your account experiences Yahoo mail error code 475 on it. This is not so common, but to keep your own account safe and interest of other account holders. This error occurs when Yahoo finds some unusual activities on their account. In anticipation of Yahoo user’s security; the Yahoo server will block the use of your account for a few hours. This is to prevent your account and to send some more emails from it, in case someone hacked your account.

What happens when you get the error code 475

  • When Yahoo blocks the mail account in doubt of some suspicious activity with the account
  • When the user is not able to sign in to his/her account
  • The user account is blocked to send or receive any emails 

Why you get the error code 475

  • When you are sending a lot of emails in a short time
  • When sending duplicate info in your email repeatedly
  • In case, sending 1 or more emails to a large number of recipients
  • If you are experiencing stuck message in the Outbox of the Yahoo Mail app

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 475

  • When you send a number of emails in a very small span of time or just a single mail to a number of contacts in a single run; so Yahoo can block account temporarily for a few hours. This act considers as spamming or hacking attempts on your account. In order to send a large number of emails, you should use Yahoo Groups as a preventive measure and avoid this error 475 with your Yahoo account.
  • If you find this issue, simply signing off from your Yahoo mail account and then again sign in after a while and if possible, you can change the browser
  • You need to wait for a few hours, you can try sending an email again but without hyperlinks or attachments to only one recipient as a test mail
  • This could be possible that somebody else tries to sign in to your Yahoo account without you authorize permission or you have forgotten your sign-in details and are trying to sign in to your own account. So, after a certain number of failed attempts, Yahoo blocks your account temporarily. You can unblock it by using the help of Yahoo Sign-In Helper or you are asked to enter the captcha code; use it and get the error fixed.yahoo-submit-code

The error code 475 is a sign that either there is some suspicious activity on your account or someone got access to it without your knowledge. When it gets blocked, you don’t need to worry; just take help from Yahoo Sign-In Helper or wait for a while to get into your account once again. If the issue is still not resolved you can dial toll-free helpline number of Yahoo customer service support team for resolution.

How to Recover Deleted or Missing Emails in Outlook Account


When an Outlook email account user finds it that some of the emails are missing from the inbox or when you don’t find emails in your Inbox and Junk folder too; this is the time to think over it to recover deleted or missing emails. This is a common issue when you are unable to find some emails in your email account which has been delivered to you and not in your Junk folder too.  You might be afraid, yet there is some alternative available to fix this issue.

How to find that your emails are missing in the Outlook email account

  • When all or any of the emails that were in your Inbox folder are missing
  • In case, when new emails don’t arrive in your Inbox in Outlook

We have this quick guide for Outlook users who find it difficult to locate their missed and deleted emails. This is a two-step method; you need to follow the steps carefully and get the issue fixed immediately.

How to Recover Deleted or Missing Emails from your Outlook Account

Step 1 – Create a new Outlook profile

  • First, exit from your Outlook profile
  • Go to the Control Panel, and open the Mail item
  • Now, you need to click on Show Profiles
  • Here, click on Add button
  • Now, you need to type a name for the profile, and then click on OK button
  • After that, follow the steps in the Add Account wizard to add your email account with it
  • Once you are finished, and now click on Finish button
  • Here, you need to make sure that Always use this profile option is selected, and then select your new profile name from the displayed list
  • The final step is to click on the OK button

Step 2 – Recover email messages by using Recover Deleted Items

  • Again from the Outlook, choose the folder to which you want to recover deleted items from your email account
  • In case, you want to recover the email messages to your own Inbox, then select the Inbox folder from the given option
  • Here, on the Ribbon button, you need to click the Folder tab, and then click on Recover Deleted Items option
  • That’s all, your deleted emails will be recovered

Once you are done with the recovery of your missing emails; then you can go for a test mail on your account and get the confirmation with it. If the problem still persists dial MS Outlook customer service support phone number for quick recovery.

How to Set up Your Yahoo Mail Signature

add signature yahoo mail account

The idea of an email signature is really amazing as this gives you a wonderful experience while communicating as your conversation will be more effective. Your signature can easily mark an impression over your recipients and whenever needed, they can contact you easily.

Yahoo email also provides a privilege to have an email signature with your mail. This is similar to your business card but in the email format. You can add as many as information with it, this includes the communication address, social networking links, and other details.

What should be there in your Yahoo mail signature

  • Your name, phone number, and other contact information
  • The link to your website and mobile app
  • A personalized note to your recipients
  • Your social networking links and contacts

You can learn to add a signature to your Yahoo mail account by following these steps.

How to add Signature to Yahoo Mail Account:

  • First, you need to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  • Then, mouse over the Settings menu icon and choose Settings by clicking on it
  • After that, click on the Accounts button
  • Here, you need to click on your Yahoo account or the profile picture
  • After that, select Append a signature to the emails you send by clicking on it
  • Now, you need to enter your signature text in the given Signature field; you can edit it later if needed
  • And the final step is to click on Save button

If you want to edit an existing signature, you can take help from this quick step by step guide.

How to edit a signature in Yahoo Mail account

  • First, you need to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  • Then, mouse over the Settings menu icon and choose Settings by clicking on it
  • After that, click on the Accounts button
  • Here, you need to click on your Yahoo account or the profile picture
  • After that, select Append a signature to the emails you send by clicking on it
  • Now, you need to edit your signature text in the given Signature field
  • And the final step is to click on Save button

When you are no more interested to get the signature in the Yahoo Mail account; you can disable it anytime by following these steps.

How to disable a signature in Yahoo Mail account

  • Sign in to your Yahoo mail account
  • Then, mouse over the Settings menu icon and click on the Settings button
  • Here, you need to click on Accounts button
  • Now, click on your Yahoo account
  • Here, you can deselect Append a signature to the emails you send to get it disabled
  • Finally, click on Save button

For any other further assistance, contact email support experts from Yahoo customer care service team for an easy solution.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 19


The temporary errors while using your Yahoo mail account can bother you while signing in to your Yahoo Mail account. These errors will not let you get into your account, and you will get a blank screen in front of you and Yahoo mail temporary error 19 is one of them. So you must be aware of the several errors faced by Yahoo users.

Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 19

Your account is temporarily locked, sign out of all browsers and devices and wait for at least 30 minutes. Repeated attempts to access your account while it’s locked will prolong the lock period

This is the message that will display when you are unable to get into your own account, and you are advised to wait for a while, approx 30 minutes or more. This is the first thing a Yahoo user can do and it will fix the issue.

Well, before you move to find the solution; you need to understand the reasons why these Yahoo temporary errors are bothering you. There are so many causes that create problems for Yahoo users.

  • If you are sharing an Internet connection with others
  • When your browser is not enabled to accept cookies from Yahoo
  • If, sending or receiving an unexpectedly high amount of email at once
  • In case, you are using a third-party software program or application to access Yahoo
  • If some spyware or viruses that can change system settings, preventing you from accessing some websites
  • In case, when there is some unusually high activity from either your computer, mobile device, or IP address to specific Yahoo pages

If you have any of these situations while using your Yahoo Mail account, your email account is vulnerable to get the Yahoo mail temporary error 19. Here, you have the error on your screen and you want to get rid of it. There are multiple ways to fix this issue when you are not interested to wait for it anymore.

  1. Enable your browser to accept cookies – The first step to get rid of the issue, you need to enable to accept cookies on your web browser
  2. Scan your system for spyware, malware, or other viruses – If the reason is spyware or viruses; you need to understand that scanning your company is really needed. Go for a virus scan of your computer system
  3. Access Yahoo using a supported browser and operating system – You can try to get into your account; you can try signing in again with some other supported web browser
  4. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is password protected and no one else is using your Internet connection – If your internet connection or Wi-Fi is shared by others; you need to make sure that your connection is password protected to avoid any situations.

By following these steps you can easily fix Yahoo mail temporary error 19. If you are still facing issues then you need to contact Yahoo customer support service helpline number and our tech experts will provide you quick help to fix all your email issues.

How to Troubleshoot Windows Live Mail Login Issue


What else can bother a Windows Live Mail or WLM user more than a log in an issue!

The login issues when you wish to get into your Windows Live Mail account is difficult to address until you don’t have a clue about the possible reason.

There could be a reason when a user is unable to recall the correct password or when you recently switched to Two-Step Verification security; we have a solution for you to troubleshoot the Windows live mail login issue. You can take the help of these tricks given here.

Trick – If you can’t remember your password, reset it

The common issue with Windows Live Mail users is when they forget the password. This is too difficult to get a clue about the recently updated password and you are unable to get it back.

The best way is to reset it to a new one. We have this quick guide for WLM users to get the password reset easily.

Steps To Reset Windows Live Mail Account

  1. First, go to the Reset your password page
  2. Here, you need to choose the reason you wish to reset Windows live mail password, then click on Next button
  3. After that, enter the complete email address of WLM. This could be an email address, or an email ending in a Microsoft domain like hotmail.com or outlook.com
  4. Here, you need to enter the characters you see on the screen, and then click on Next button
  5. Once you will verify your account with the security code or secret question; you will be directed to reset your password with a new one

Trick – If you recently turned on two-step verification

The Two-Step Verification is the next level security with your Windows Live Mail account; this is to keep your account secure. But, you will need to use an app password to get in or security code will be there to get in. In the initial phase of activating the Two-Step Verification, you need to be a little aware of the things.

Trick – If you change your security info and have a 30-day waiting period

When your WLM account has been updated with the security settings and the time is just lesser than 30 days, you need to wait some more. This will give you an error as;

We’re not ready for you yet!

Here, you need to understand that you have to wait for 30 days to get the recent changes updated properly. You can’t get in until it will be there. So, the ultimate solution is to wait for a while to get things done.

The above tricks will help in troubleshooting your windows live mail account; if you are still facing problem then you need to dial the toll-free phone number of Windows live mail customer care service support team for faster response.

Why are Images Blocked In Yahoo Mail Account

Why Are Images Blocked In Yahoo Mail Account (2)

Yahoo Mail uses a dedicated image filtration tool which is specially designed to prevent images in email messages from loading automatically when you open them. Although it’s a useful tool to prevent spam, however, it may also block authentic images. In order to make changes in this tool or to deactivate it, you can easily do so by visiting the security settings section of your Yahoo Mail account. To know how to deactivate this tool, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to Unblock Images in Yahoo Mail Account

1.) Go to the Yahoo or Yahoo Mail website, log in to your account and go to the Mail tab on the main menu located on the top-right corner of the screen.

2.) Now, click on the gear icon located in the upper right section of the screen and select the Settings option from the drop-down list. This will open the Settings window on your Yahoo Mail account’s page.

3.) Now under Settings, go to the Security section. Under the Security section, click on the drop-down menu located next to option – Show Images in Emails and select Always, except in the Spam folder.

4.) After that, click on the Save button to save the changes made.

Additional Tips:

  • You can also block or unblock images in your Yahoo Mail application for Android or iOS mobile devices. To do so, simply launch the application, go to the Settings panel and toggle the virtual Block Images switch ON or OFF to activate or deactivate image blocking in the body of incoming email messages.
  • Remember that keeping this feature activated helps in preventing spam. Spammers generally use images in email as this helps them in easily knowing whether the receiver is reading their email or not. When you see such a Spam image, the spammer gets to know that you opened the email, which encourages him to send you more emails.
  • In order to activate the Image blocking feature back, simply go to the Security section under the Settings option and click the drop-down menu next to Show Images in Emails. Select Never by Default Once done, make sure to click on the Save button to save the changes.
  • Depending on the version of Yahoo Mail you are using, the Settings menu may be labeled as Actions.

For further assistance in your Yahoo Mail account for any other issues or queries, feel free to get in touch with our reliable third-party Yahoo Mail customer service support team. Our team is available 24 by 7 via our customer service helpline number (toll-free), email, and live chat support.

How to Add Contacts in Yahoo Mail Account

How to add contacts in Yahoo mail account

Your Yahoo contact list is one of the ways to keep all your business and personal email contacts at a single place. In fact, this keeps things organized properly and you don’t need to search in your inbox for a particular contact.

You can an added feature here; you can sync your Yahoo contacts to your mobile device so, you don’t need to keep them transferring from a Yahoo account to mobile devices.

This requires you to follow some simple steps to get your contacts into your Yahoo Contacts list. We have this quick guide for Yahoo users; this enables them to add new contacts in their contact list. Simply, follow these steps and add new contacts to your list.

6 Steps to Add a New Contact in Yahoo Mail Account

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  2. Here, from your Yahoo Mail, you need to click on the Contacts icon
  3. Then, click on New Contact option
  4. Here, you need to enter the contact’s info in the given space
  5. The final step is to click on Save button
  6. That’s all

Let’s say you have added some contact and you mistakenly entered some incorrect information; here you have the option to edit existing contacts. This is really helpful when your contact has updated the contact information. Simply follow these steps and edit your previously added contacts.

6 Steps to Edit an Existing Contact in Yahoo Mail Account

  1. Get into your Yahoo Mail account using the username and password
  2. Then, from your Yahoo Mail, click on the Contacts icon
  3. You need to choose the contact which you want to edit or change
  4. Here, click on the Edit Details button
  5. Now, you can make any required changes accordingly
  6. And, finally, click on Save button

Till that, you just learned the manual process to add contacts to your Yahoo Contacts list; is there any way to do it automatically?

Well, if you are asking about possibilities with Yahoo Mail; yes, you can enable automatically adding new recipients in your Yahoo Mail contact list. You can try this by following these steps.

Enable automatically add new recipients to your Yahoo Contacts

  • First, sign in to your Yahoo Mail account
  • Here, from your Yahoo Mail account, mouse over the Settings menu icon and choose Settings by clicking on it
  • Now click on Writing an email
  • Here, you need to select Automatically add new recipients to Contacts option by clicking on it.
  • Finally, click on Save button

You can easily add your contacts to Yahoo account by following these steps. If you are still having any issue dial helpline number of Yahoo customer care support service team for prompt resolution.