How to Fix Yahoo Messenger Sign-in Problems

How to Fix Yahoo Messenger Sign-in Problems

The fastest means to connect with friends is none other than Yahoo Messenger. Simply try the new Yahoo Messenger on your phone device and make the best use of it by sharing photos, sending GIFs, and much more exciting things. The cool features of Yahoo Messenger will definitely make you fall in love with it.

Yahoo Messenger is the popular messaging programs available for businesses and personal purposes. Certainly, the program supports voice calls and online text conversations with your friends, colleagues, clients, and customers.

If you are getting an issue of Yahoo Messenger sign-in error or sign in problems, then this could really become quite irritating for you. You can use the Sign-in Helper page in case your password has stopped working. Sign-in Helper option can be used to reset the password. Make sure that you do not repetitively try to log in to your Messenger because it will lock your account.

Now, let’s focus on some of the points in case your password is not working.

Steps To Fix Yahoo Messanger Issue

  • You have to open your Yahoo Messenger.
  • Then you need to enter the Settings icon.

In case you are using a mobile app, enter Manage Accounts after this.

  • And you have to enter Sign Out.
  • Finally, you have to sign in once more with your present password.

In case you still can’t access your Yahoo Messenger from the mobile device or desktop, quickly uninstall and then reinstall the app.

Note: You do not have to get worried about a fear of losing your conversations because it won’t be lost.

How To Change Yahoo Messenger password:

  1. For modifying your present Yahoo Messenger password you have to log in to Yahoo Messenger first and then continue to ‘Messenger’ > ‘My Account Info’.
  2. And this will take you to web login into your account, you have to give Yahoo ID and password for login.
  3. Now, under the Yahoo Account Info page, you will get ‘Signin and Security’, you need to enter on ‘Change your password’.
  4. On the next page, you have to give your existing password, desired new password, and then enter click on save.
  5. Last but not the least, this will right away modify your password for the Yahoo account.

Directives can be utilized in case you want to change the password of Yahoo Messenger from your mobile phone. If you are still facing the issue dial toll-free number of Yahoo customer care support service team for instant resolution.

How to Set up Yahoo Account in Windows 10 Mail App

How to set up Yahoo Account in Windows 10 Mail App

Yahoo has stopped the support of its Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10. For that reason, you cannot check your Yahoo Mail using your Yahoo App. But there is still a way in which you can check emails in your Windows 10 mobile.

Microsoft introduces a Mobile app with Windows 10. If you can set up your Yahoo Account with Windows 10 Mail App, then you can easily check the Yahoo mails on the go.

Another reason for people preferring Windows 10 Mail app to access Yahoo email is it’s adding free experience. You can view the emails of your Yahoo account without the interference. If you want to have this experience by setting up a Yahoo account in Windows 10 Mail App, follow the below-mentioned steps.

11 Steps To Set up Yahoo Account in Windows 10 Mail App?

With the help of the Windows 10 Mail app, you can enjoy Yahoo Mail easily. You can use the following steps to add your Yahoo account in the Mail App.

  1. Open the Mail app
  2. Now go to the Gear icon at the bottom left corner to access the Settings menu.
  3. In the settings pane of the window, select Manage Accounts.
  4. Select the Add Account button.
  5. You have to select Yahoo from the list of the websites
  6. Now you have to insert your Yahoo credential.
  7. Click Next to go the page after that
  8. You have to type your password
  9. Now click Sign In
  10. An agreement window will open with terms and conditions. You need to click Agree.
  11. Now click Done to complete the process.

How to Customize the Yahoo Email Account Settings?

You can customize lots of features of Yahoo email using the Windows 10 Mail app. Here are the steps to customize the Yahoo Mail.

  1. Open the Windows 10 Mail App.
  2. You need to right-click on the Yahoo account and open Account Settings
  3. From the Account settings, you can change your account name and description which will help you to separate the account from others.
  4. You can also change the sync settings of the Yahoo account by clicking on Change Mailbox sync settings.
  5. You can also customize the frequency of checking email, calendar, and contacts by the Mail app to save battery life.
  6. You can also change the name of the sender of the email in the Sync Option of the mail app.
  7. There are a few advanced options that you will know after setting up a Yahoo account in Windows 10 Mail App.

By following the above-mentioned steps you can easily Set up Yahoo Account in Windows 10 Mail App, if you are still unable to configure it you can dial Yahoo customer care tech support service helpline number toll-free to get instant assistance for your issue.

How to Sign up For a New Yahoo Mail Account

Sign up New Yahoo Mail Account

Recently, Yahoo has increased the storage space to1 TB with its email. This is a huge space that catches the attention of internet users. You can store up to 200 high definition movies in your account.

This new feature partially manages the huge hamper caused by the data breach in 2013. Now Yahoo is regaining its lost popularity as many people want to Sign up a new Yahoo mail account. There are many new features that will compel you to Yahoo Sign up.

Why Sign up New Yahoo Mail Account?

The most important feature of Yahoo Mail is the 1 TB of storage space. You can store up to 50 million emails along with images and video in your account. You can stay updated with the help of Yahoo email as you can view the news feed of the latest happening right in your account.

You can manage other email accounts also with your Yahoo id. You can activate vacation auto-reply from your email id. If you are convinced enough to open an account, then here are the steps to follow to sign up for a new Yahoo account.

Steps to Sign up New Yahoo Mail Account:

Here we will discuss the various steps to sign up for a new Yahoo mail account.

Steps to Sign up New Yahoo Mail Account

  1. Open your web browser on your desktop and go to from it. Now click Mail to visit Yahoo Mail.


2. Now click on Sign up 

yahoo sign up3. Now insert the required information in the fields. If you want to use the email address of another email client then click I’d rather use my own email address.

enter yahoo mail details4. You have to verify your mobile number by clicking Send me Account Key.

verify phone number5. The account key will be delivered to your mobile. Now go to the desktop browser and insert the security pin in the Code field and then click Verify.

click on verify

6. Tap on “Let’s get started

yahoo mail account created

If you are still facing issues in Yahoo account Sign up, you just need to dial Yahoo customer care service support phone number toll-free to get the quick resolution.

How to Resolve Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14

How to Resolve Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14

Yahoo Mail was launched in 1997 by the Internet giant Yahoo. This free email service became an instant hit among users. But with time, they have faced various issues while handling Yahoo Mail.

Whenever the users try to access the inbox, they confront either server or accounts related problems. One of the common problems, email users face frequently is Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14.

What is Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14?

Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14

Before discussing Temporary Error 14, you must know what the error is. In this error, your email account will become unresponsive. The error code will be displayed on the screen. You can face the error on any device like a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This is a server related issue. So you need to do very little to fix this problem.

How to Resolve Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14:

Here are the simple steps to resolve Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14:

  1. You need to sign out from your Yahoo account first. If you are facing the problem on the computer, you need to sign out not only from that particular system but also from all other devices you were logged in.
  2. Go through the basic requirements of Yahoo Mail and check you are meeting all the criteria for the browser or operating system.
  3. Now you have to clear all the cache, cookies and temp files from the browser.
  4. Close the browser and restart it again
  5. Launch the Yahoo mail website
  6. Log in to your Yahoo Mail with your username and password
  7. Check the mail for temporary error 14 by sending a test email.

This is the easy and quick solution for the Temporary Error 14. If the problem still persists in your account, you need to go through the following steps.

  • Scan your system for any malicious elements. If you will find any malware, remove it immediately.
  • If your operating system is not up to date, then update it as soon as possible.
  • Make sure the browser you are using is up to date otherwise you need to update it too.
  • You need to modify the settings for the Yahoo account according to the requirements.
  • You need to update the software on your computer.
  • You can troubleshoot Yahoo Mail to get rid of the temporary error 14.

These are the ways to resolve Yahoo mail error 14. If your account is still not responding and showing the error code, then you required professional help of third-party service provider of Yahoo email customer care service helpline number to get instant support.

How to Recover Forgotten Yahoo Mail ID

How to Recover Forgotten Yahoo Mail ID

It isn’t easy to remember multiple accounts and their password. Recovering password is an easy task but what will you be going to do if you forgot the primary email address or the username? Well! Don’t get puzzled as we have the solution for you. You can certainly recover your Yahoo Id or Yahoo email address easily.

If you have the access to the recovery options or to the alternate email address, then you can recover the forgotten Yahoo Id. Follow the steps below to do the same.

  • Log on to the Yahoo Mail.

visit yahoo mail

  • Click “Trouble signing in

click on trouble signing in

  • Type the recovery option here. It could be the mobile number or the alternate email address.

choose the recovery option

  • You will be sent a Yahoo account key which will help you get back your account.

Yahoo account key and click next

  • Enter the Yahoo account key and follow the on-screen information and regain the Yahoo id and the access to it.

enter yahoo account key and fill the on-screen information

You must remember that if your Yahoo account has been inactive for the last 12 months, then it won’t be easy to recover it. Yahoo gives you 12 months of inactivity period beyond the account gets deleted automatically from the server. You can’t create a new Yahoo account with the same username for an uncertain period of time. If your Yahoo account has been deleted due to inactivity then it is impossible to regain access to it.

Lisa used to have a Yahoo account but she doesn’t remember the Yahoo id. On top of that, she doesn’t have real access to the recovery options but she desperately wants to recover it? Is it possible?

On the Yahoo Help Central, there is an option where you can log a ticket to regain access to the account but you will ultimately require the Yahoo id. If you know the Yahoo id but don’t have any access to the mail recovery options, you can regain access by verifying the ownership of the account.

You must make sure that you log in frequently to your Yahoo mail account to prevent the situation of being deleted due to inactivity. On the other hand, you must have access to the recovery options so that if in the case you forget a mail password or something, you can recover it really fast.

If you are unable to recover your Yahoo id or finding difficulty in it, then call our certified technicians of Yahoo customer care support service on the toll-free number for the quick support for your Yahoo account.

Unable to Send and Receive Emails in Yahoo Account

Unable to Send and Receive Emails in Yahoo Account

Unable to send or receive an email in Yahoo can be quite frustrating. With the help of some of the basic troubleshooting skills, you can get rid of such a situation. Remember, Yahoo mail is completely based on the web browser as a result; it might be possible that there is something wrong with your internet browser.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Send and Receive Issue:

  • Network Connection:

It may sound funny but the speed of your internet connection plays a vital role. If the speed is slow or connection has latency then you won’t be able to access Yahoo Mail properly. Ensure a fast but stable internet connection with no latency.

  • Internet Browser:

You must use the latest version of the Internet browser. Clear the cookies, cache, and the entire browsing history of the browser. If in the case, it doesn’t work uninstall the browser and reinstall it and try again.

  • Extensions and Add-ons

It might be possible that the browser extension or add-ons you just installed is restricting the Yahoo Mail as a result; you aren’t able to send or receive emails. Disable the extensions and add-ons then try again. It shall work perfectly fine.

  • Firewall, Proxy & VPN:

Unfortunately, Yahoo doesn’t work properly if you have installed any firewall or using proxy settings, VPN, etc. Disable them and try to send or receive an email. Don’t forget to restart your system before you access Yahoo Mail.

On the other hand, it might also be possible that your Yahoo mail account is blocked by the recipient. Confirm from the recipient whether they have blocked your Yahoo address by mistake or not. You must check the spam folder and ask your recipient to do the same. Meanwhile, delete all the filters if you have recently added or created any. Try to send an email and it shall work fine.

If you are trying to accessing your Yahoo account with any email client, try to access it outside. If you don’t get any error then there is something wrong with the email client. If you get the error then you will have to fix it before you access it again. Remove your Yahoo account from the client and re-add it then try to send or ask any of your recipients to send you an email. It shall work perfectly fine.

If the problem still persists, then call our certified technicians on a toll-free number of Yahoo customer care service and get instant support to it.

Facing Issues in Synchronizing Mail Account in Yahoo

Facing issue in synchronizing mail account in Yahoo

Are you tired of the synchronization issues in Yahoo Mail? Not anymore as we have the right solution for you. So, sit back, relax, and go through with the blog till the end. Are you tired of the synchronization issues in Yahoo Mail? Not anymore as we have the right solution for you. So, sit back, relax, and go through with the blog till the end.

If you are fond of third-party email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail or you access your Yahoo account frequently on multiple devices then you will have to keep some of the following things in your mind.

1. If you have set up your Yahoo account as POP3 with the third-party email clients, you may experience the synchronization issues. Instead of the POP3, you must choose the IMAP which will almost resolve the issue of the synchronization.

2. Check the incoming mail server and the outgoing mail server settings along with the ports and authentication.

3. Try to send an email without using any email client and see if it is perfectly fine or not.

4. Make sure that you update the email client regularly whenever the new updates are available.

5. Check the time zone of the system and update it appropriately if required.

6. If none of the above works, then reconfigure the Yahoo account from the beginning.

7. If you aren’t sure how to configure Yahoo with the third-party email client then follow the steps below.

a. Install a third-party email client like Outlook/Thunderbird/Apple Mail.

b. Go to the “Accounts”

c. Click on “New Clients”

d. Type the username and password, choose the account type as IMAP.

e. Incoming Mail Server

i. Server:

ii. Port – 993

iii. Required SSL – Yes

f. Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server

i. Server:

ii. Port- 465 or 587

iii. Required SSL – Yes

iv. Required Authentication – Yes

8. Ensure an active but stable internet connection.

9. If you have recently installed any program, add-ons, extension, or antivirus, etc. disable them immediately if you are in doubt that it may be disrupting the connections in between Yahoo and its servers.

10. If your network connection is protected via any firewall, ask your network administrator to whitelist the Yahoo network.

11. All ports must be opened by your internet service provider especially, 465, 25, 995, 587, 993, etc. 12. Update the operating system of your computer or switch to the other computer.

If none of the above works or the problem still continues then, feel free to get in touch with our certified technicians on the toll-free number of Yahoo customer care support service for the complete resolution to your Yahoo account.