How to Fix Temporary Error 8 in Yahoo Mail

fix yahoo mail error 8

Temporary error codes are rated to be the most annoying issues in Yahoo Mail by many users. These pesky error codes are usually a combination of alphabets and numerical that prevents users from accessing their account or operating certain features in their account. One of such annoying error code is Yahoo mail Temporary Error 8.

Although Temporary Error 8 usually corrects itself within a couple of hours, however, if the problem persists even after waiting for several hours, one can fix the error by making some changes to their Yahoo Mail’s settings. If you are also frustrated with error code 8 in your Yahoo Mail account, you can try fixing it by following the measures provided below.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 8:

1.) Sign in into your Yahoo Mail account on your computer.

yahoo sign in

2.) Once signed into your Yahoo Mail account, move your mouse cursor over the Gear icon located on the upper right corner of your Yahoo Mail account’s page. A drop-down menu will appear.

3.) From the drop-down menu, click on the Settings option. A “Settings” box will pop-up on your Yahoo Mail account’s page.

open settings

4.) In the Settings box, click on the Writing email option located on the left side panel.

writing email options

5.) Under Writing email section, select or deselect an option such as Link preview or When sending messages.

6.) After making the required changes in the Writing email section, simply click on the Save button in the Setting box located on the bottom-left corner. Changes made by you will get saved.

save the settings

7.) Now, check your Yahoo account to see if the temporary error 8 is cleared.

So, this is how you can easily fix temporary error 8 in your Yahoo Mail account. If you want any further assistance you can dial the phone number of Yahoo customer support service team for a quick solution.

How to View Yahoo Messenger Conversation History

We all cherish the past memories we spent with our friends and family, whether an old picture with them or a quality conversation on Yahoo Messenger. This is really mesmerizing to see and read those messages again and again. Sometimes those messages are from your professional contacts and you want them to keep for reference. Whatever the reason to rejoice those conversations, we have your quick solution to view and bring back smile to your face. Here, we have this step by step guide to view Yahoo Messenger conversation history once again.

Whatever the reason to rejoice those conversations, we have your quick solution to view and bring back smile to your face. You can learn and view, any of your chat conversation on Yahoo Messenger.

How to View Yahoo Messenger Conversation History :       

  • Your first step is to sign in to Yahoo Messenger, then open the Contacts menu and now select Conversation History to open a pop-up containing your archived conversations in it

yahoo messenger history

  • Here, you need to choose the name of a contact from the sidebar to display your past conversations and other interactions as video or voice calls with the particular contact
    yahoo messenger conversation history
  • Now, send a message or initiate a video or phone call from the Conversation History window by clicking on the Instant Message, Video Call or Voice Call icons given there
  • And then save a hard copy or take print for your conversation history with the specified contact by clicking on the Print or Save icon mentioned there

yahoo messenger

  • You can also choose to delete your entire conversation history with that contact from the Yahoo servers by clicking on the Delete Entire History icon given there
  • Here, type a keyword or phrase in the search bar and hit the Enter key to search your conversation history from it
  • Here, Yahoo Messenger will display a list of conversations that contain the specified keyword or phrase for you
  • Along this, you need to filter your conversation history to display only relevant interactions by opening the drop-down menu and selecting an interaction type matching with your requirement

drop down menu

  • This is the best way to have a quick view of your conversation history of Yahoo Messenger

When you use this guide, you don’t need to be tech savvy or someone who is well-versed with technology. This is helpful even when a user is just novice with Yahoo messenger; in fact, anyone can use it. When needed, you can delete any of these conversation histories to keep the conversation secure.

For any other help get in touch with Yahoo customer care support service team phone number and get the quick solution.

How to Fix Yahoo Error Code 403

Fix Yahoo Error 403

The moment you tried to open your Yahoo messenger application; instead of opening the chat rooms; you got Yahoo Forbidden Error 403 on your computer screen. Well, we have a comprehensive guide for Yahoo messenger users to fix the issue.

What is Yahoo Error code 403?

Error 403Yahoo Messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

When a user is using Yahoo Messenger application on their computer and device; chances are that you might get some issue while using it. This usually occurs with Error 403; this is really annoying when you are interested in an IM chat, but you can’t get in. Here; we need to understand that what makes a user understand that how error 403 can be identified.

What are the symptoms to identify the error 403?

When this error 403 is going to bother a Yahoo messenger user; you can get the clue with these common symptoms. You can identify that you are experiencing error 403 or not use these tips.

  • When Error 403 appears and crashes while using Yahoo messenger
  • When your PC frequently crashes with Error 403 when running Yahoo messenger
  • If your computer screen shows Yahoo Messenger Error 403 when using Yahoo messenger application
  • In case, your Windows OS runs sluggishly and responds slowly to mouse or keyboard input due to some anonymous reasons
  • In case, your computer periodically freezes for a few seconds at a time on a frequent interval

Steps to Fix Yahoo Forbidden Error 403 :

Well, now you understand that the real meaning of Yahoo Messenger Error 403 and the symptoms which show that you are a victim of this error. You just need to understand the situations carefully and then find the fixes.

Method – Repair Registry Entries of Error 403:

  • Start from your computer’s home screen
  • And then click on the Start button
  • Now, you need to type command in the search box, but don’t press Enter button yet
  • Here, while holding CTRL+Shift on your keyboard then press Enter
  • Now, you will be prompted with a permission dialog box, just click on Yes button
  • You will get command prompt box in front of you
  • And then type regedit then press Enter
  • Here, from the Registry Editor, you need to choose the Error 403-related key you want to back up
  • And, from the File menu, click on Export button
  • Here, from the Save In list, go to the folder where you want to save the Yahoo! Messenger backup key for future use
  • In the File Name box, you need to type a name for your backup file, such as Yahoo! Messenger Backup to keep it safe
  • Now, from the Export Range box, make sure that Selected branch is selected
  • After that, click on Save button
  • Finally, this file is then saved with a .reg file extension
  • You need to change and edit this file accordingly

For any assistance, dial phone number of Yahoo customer care support team and get a solution for all email queries.

How to Fix Yahoo Calendar Error Code 1111

Yahoo calendar error code 1111

We’re sorry, something went wrong. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please wait for a few moments and try again. Error code: 1111!

Yahoo users will experience this error while accessing or making any changes in it; you will get it and find it difficult to move ahead. This is really annoying when you have your schedule with your Yahoo calendar and you have to make some amendments, but you can’t. So, what are the symptoms which make you understand that you are experiencing the error code 1111 with your Yahoo Calendar; we have a quick list here.

  • When a user is not able to view his/her calendar
  • In case a user unable to add Yahoo Calendar to a mobile device or another app/ device
  • When none of the calendar’s settings can be viewed or modified
  • If events can’t be added or deleted in a calendar of your account

calender error code 1111

These are the prime situations when you are unable to use your Yahoo calendar and you will be helpless, as you can’t even edit it. But, do you know the reasons why you are experiencing this error; let’s have a sneak peek at it.

The web browser is the basic reason here, when your web browser is not upgraded or when it is not compatible with your Yahoo or Yahoo Calendar services, you will experience this error. The new Yahoo has different settings and interface experience; your browser should be capable enough to implement and use these settings, if it is not then, you will get the error.

When you find it difficult to get access to your Yahoo calendar on your computer browser; you can take help from your mobile browser in case your computer browser doesn’t support CalDAV (iCal). This is the quickest ever solution for fixing Yahoo error code 1111.

In case, you are unable to sync your Yahoo Calendar to any device or application and welcomed by an error Server authentication error, you need to check and verify the server name in the Calendar settings or using link If this won’t help, then you can try signing in once again into your Yahoo account on a different device. In case, you have an iOS-based device, you should try to sync with Setup Wizard. Also, make sure that you are using the correct calendar address. You should make sure to use the upgraded web browser to avoid any such issue in near future.

By Following these steps you can easily fix Yahoo Calendar Error Code 1111. If still want any assistance contact phone number of Yahoo mail customer support service and get a quick resolution.

How to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error 5

Fix Yahoo temporary error 5

Yahoo Temporary Error 5This is a common issue faced by Yahoo users when they are unable to sign in to account due to multiple signs in on different devices or locations at the same time. Yahoo considers it as a security threat, so your account will be blocked for some hours and this will avoid hacking attempts if any.

What are the possible causes of Yahoo temporary error 5?

  • When you are accessing your Yahoo mail account on your computer and your mobile device(s)
  • When you have signed in on two different browsers on your computer
  • In case, you have signed in to two different computers for your Yahoo account
  • When you are using your Yahoo account on some web browser which is not supported by Yahoo or New Yahoo

These possible causes indicate that whenever you try to sign in to your Yahoo account on the different computer, locations or devices; it could be considered as duplicate signing in or hacking attempts on your account. Before, you think anymore; Yahoo will take an immediate action and will block the account temporarily. And, you will get the Temporary Error 5.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Temporary Error 5:

The most important part to avoid this situation is to make sure signing out from the devices on which you have signed in for your Yahoo Mail account. In case, you forget to do so, then you can go to Sign Out from All devices and fix it.

What if the damage is already done; here you have to use some experts’ tips as given here, in order to fix this error. Although, the error is temporary and will get it fix automatically within next 12 hours. In case, you want to get it fixed immediately then go for these quick tips.

  • You should always make sure you are using a supported Web browser and operating system (OS) while accessing your Yahoo account; if not, go for the basic system requirements so you can avoid any such issues
  • We already know that the multiple signs in is a problem and you should avoid. But in case, you are signed in then simply sign out of Yahoo Mail on all desktop and mobile devices
  • You can try signing in once again after clearing your Web browser’s cache

clear cache

  • If your web browser is an issue, then you can sign in again after restarting your Web browser

If still facing issues contact Yahoo customer support service phone number and get an instant response.

How to Fix Yahoo Error Code 33

fix Yahoo error code 33

Yahoo users are glad about the ease of use of their Yahoo Mail inbox as this is very much simple to use interface. You just need to create or Yahoo sign up and get the account. Yahoo has the strong presence due to the extremely amazing features with ease of use. When you sign up with Yahoo; you have the privilege to use the others services of Yahoo Mail account; for example, you can use Flicker with the same Yahoo ID and password. Yet, there are some instances when Yahoo users found some problem while using their account. In this list of errors, the Yahoo Error code 33 is one of those errors which is really annoying. And, the reason is that you can’t get into your account till you fix it.

This is actually a security feature which makes sure to keep your Yahoo account safe. Whenever there is some sign of attempts from some unknown or unauthorized users; and it gets fail, your account will be locked for next 12-24 hours.

We have the list of possible reasons; those are responsible for error code 33 in your Yahoo Mail account. You can learn and avoid any such situation by avoiding the error.

Reasons, Why You are Getting Yahoo Error Code 33

  • When a certain number of unsuccessful sign-in attempts
  • When you are sending a number of emails in a short span of time
  • In case, your email account got compromised
  • If there is any kind of suspicious activity detected on your mail account
  • The spam mark by recipients on receiving invaluable message
  • When there is some unauthorized access to third-party applications and software
  • If POP or IMAP configuration on your account is incorrect
  • When you are accessing your account from different devices or browsers, at the same time or some different geographic location

Steps to Fix Yahoo Error Code 33

  • First, you need to go to the Sign-in Helper and enter your sign by Email id or Phone number. Here, you can also use your recovery email ID or phone number

    Yahoo sign in helper

  • After that, an Account Key would be sent to your recovery email id or phone number or some security questions would be asked to get the account recover

    confirm email id

  • Here, you need to follow the on-screen instructions and your account would be unlocked instantly after verification
  • Then, you can start using your Yahoo account once again

Make sure that you are using the correct username and password combination; else your account will be locked for next 24 hours. Yet, it is just a temporary error, so you will get the solution automatically. But you can use the given method and fix it. You can also consider Yahoo support service phone number 24/7 for any further assistance.

How to Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail Automatically

forward yahoo mails to gmail account

Gmail is getting more popularity and this makes other email providers switch to Gmail. Many Yahoo mail users are also switching from Yahoo to Gmail account, but this will make them difficult to keep the Yahoo Mail conversation and contacts to switch on the Gmail account. This is practically impossible to update your Gmail address to each of your contacts. This increases the chances of you to miss any further communication if you switch to Gmail from Yahoo Mail. In fact, this is difficult to check both of your email accounts checked at the same time; yet you have an alternative. You can also forward Yahoo mail to Gmail account; as this will save you from signing in to both of the accounts.

Fortunately, Yahoo users have this feature with their email account which allows them to automatically forward their emails to some other accounts when they switch from Yahoo. We have this step by step guide for Yahoo users to make it happen; after activating this, you can get your all emails from Gmail account.

Steps to Automatically Forward Yahoo Mail to Gmail Account:

  • Sign in with your Yahoo Mail account
    Yahoo sign in
  • Then, mouse over the Settings menu and here you need to select Settings option
    select settings
  • After that, click on Accounts button
    click on account
  • Here, you need to click on the primary Yahoo account option
    select primary account
  • Now, go down and select the Forward button
    select forward option
  • And, now you need to enter your complete Gmail address as forwarding address
  • After that, select Store and forward or Store and forward and mark it as read.
    click forward
  • Here, you need to click on Verify button as a verification email will be sent to your Gmail address
    click verify
  • Finally, click on Save button
  • Now, your Yahoo email will be forwarded to your mentioned Gmail address
    click Save and mail forward
Toll Free 1-888-341-4774 (US/Canada)

When you activate auto-forwarding with your Yahoo Mail account, you need to make sure that you are verifying this information for easy functioning of your forwarding request.

  • Make sure that you have access to the email account you are forwarding to
  • You are able to open the verification email Yahoo sent to you and you can read it
  • Keep it in mind that you are following the email’s instructions to verify your account

Once you are done with all these tips; then you should go for testing it by sending a test mail to your own Yahoo mail account; the same message will appear in your Gmail Inbox too. If still want any suggestion dial customer care number of Yahoo support service team for instant resolution.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 2


Communication has been improved a lot in the recent past, in fact when Post has been replaced with Email. This is the perfect way to exchange messages between people using electronic devices and internet. And, then Yahoo! Mail introduced as a great email service provider among internet users.

Yahoo as one of the leading email service providers is also a popular and most used email service. Yahoo users always praise about its ease of use and error-free services. Yet, this is not that full-proof way to access your Yahoo account. Yes, there could be some errors and issues while using it; this could be possible due to some external factors and ignorance by the user.

When there is some issue with your Yahoo Mail account due to some external factors or something when there is no issue with Yahoo’s end rather on user’s end; you will experience Yahoo mail temporary errors. These are temporary as their name suggest; will last for few minutes to hours and get fixed automatically.

Generally, Yahoo mail users don’t need to make any efforts to resolve these temporary errors. This requires users to wait for a while to get the error fixed; there is no fixed time to get it fixed, but Yahoo proposed 12 hours to 24 hours. Depending upon the issue and criticality, it will take time.

What is Yahoo Mail Error Code 2?

Mailbox Open Failed

When you get this error reflecting on your computer screen; you should wait, if you can and time allows you. The error is temporary and will fix automatically; well this is not the solution, if you don’t have time and want to use your account instantly.


The instant fix of your Yahoo Mail Error Code 2 is to use this quick guide. This is the Yahoo expert’s solution. You can use it and get rid of the error instantly.

Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 2

  • The first step is to sign out of your Yahoo Mail account on all desktop and mobile devices you are using
  • And, now make sure you are using a supported Web browser and operating system (OS) as this is one of the basic system requirement
  • Now, clear your web browser’s cache, history, and temporary files
  • After that, restart your web browser
  • And, now you can sign back into Yahoo Mail to see if the error is gone
  • That’s all; you can successfully sign in

Your error will be fixed, yet we recommend to wait if you can; the temporary error will get it fixed automatically.If still want any further assistance dial helpline phone number of Yahoo customer support service team for the solution.